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North Jutland has many different attractions, whether you are looking for amusement parks, monuments or natural areas.

There is always plenty to choose from, when you are in North Jutland on vacation.

Also see our selected attractions in North Jutland here.

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The Portuguese artist Vhils is world-renowned for his technique, where motives are being carved out in walls. The purpose of the Out in the Open-project is to bring art from the galleries to the stree
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Fintan Magee

Australian Fintan Magee has recently finished a giant new piece as a part of Out in the Open 2019. The artist has made multiple gable painting all over the world and is recognized between gable painte
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Salling ROOFTOP Aalborg

The outstanding success by Århus Salling ROOFTOP has now crawled north and is now to find in Aalborg. Above the department store, you can know lounge on the terrace and enjoy specialties from the café
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Oliver Vernon

The mural at Løkkegade 12 in Aalborg, with its many colors, gives a fantastic background to Aalborg's cityscape. The mural was created by the artist Oliver Vernon as a part of 'Out In The Open 2019'.
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Telmo Miel

The Dutch duo Telmo Miel is behind the new mural "Exquisite Wast of Time" which has been created during the fifth run of the mural project 'Out in the Open'. Find the mural at Hjulmagervej in Aalborg.
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Joram Roukes

The impressive mural ”Final Cut” was created by Dutch artist Joram Roukes during the 2019 mural projekt ”Out in the Open” in Aalborg. You can find the mural in the yard of Bispensgade 8-10 in Aalborg.
Type: Buildings and townscapes


The young Spanish artist Aryz, painted the colorful mural located on Løvvangen in Nørresundby, the northern part of Aalborg. The colors of the mural give a beautiful touch to the otherwise dark passag
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Agostino Iacurci

’Patio’ is the name of the mural located in Løvvangen, Nørresundby, it was painted by Italian artist Agostino Iacurci. The artist, Iacurci (b. 1986) often use shapes and many colors in his murals. The
Type: Buildings and townscapes

Jonas Pihl

The Danish artist Jonas Pihl is the creator behind Northern Europe’s largest mural to date, “Tvillingerne” (The Twins). The two silos have been engulfed in colors and motives representing Aalborg chan
Type: Buildings and townscapes


The German duo, Herakut, is behind the 50-meter mural on Godsbanen in Aalborg. The mural, “Your Stories make me forget about those Prison Bars” depicts a child’s fantasy and friendship with a dragon.
Type: Buildings and townscapes