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Angling waters

In North Jutland there are plenty of angling waters all over the area, so if you enjoy relaxation with a fishing pole in your hand, North Jutland is the place to be.

Get more useful information for when you go fishing in North Jutland.

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Fishing license and fishing card

Angling is a wonderful activity, where you'll experience the beautiful nature. But remember, it is your responsibility to know the rules before you head out with rod and line. As a angler you need a v
Type: Angling waters

Fishing spots near "Professorens Plantage" - The Professor's Plantation

The Professor's Plantation between Sæby and Lyngså is one of the eastern coast's finest nature areas. The area consists of dune heath with lush vegetation, heather, blueberry and juniper bushes. At Fl
Type: Angling waters

Angling in Rebild

Type: Angling waters

Angling in Mariager Fjord - Seatrout Mariagerfjord

Sea trout is one of the most popular fish among Anglers, and Mariager Fjord is known as some of the best trout fishing waters in Denmark.   The trout in Mariager Fjord is not just well fed, but close
Type: Angling waters

Strandholt Pynt Fishingspot

A different and beautiful location, where fishery is good all year and is therefore one of the popular spots among experienced anglers. Strandholt Pynt offers a varying fjord bed. The spot is not only
Type: Angling waters

Mariager Fjord

Mariager Fjord is known as the most beautiful fjord in Denmark. The fjord also contains a large number of well-nourished trout, which makes fishing in Mariager Fjord a unique experience for anglers. B
Type: Angling waters

Katbjerg Odde Fishingspot

A large area unspoiled since 1986. The area is privately held except the area at the point of Katbjerg Odde, which stick its long ”nose” far out into the fjord and open to anglers. This area boasts a
Type: Angling waters

Glenstrup Lake

Glenstrup Lake Glenstrup Lake is 4-5 kilometers east to west making it very senistive to wind. Along the lake, you'll find three points enabling boat fishing - no matter the direction of the wind.  Wi
Type: Angling waters

Fishingspot at Ørnedalsbugten

An almost picturesque location, where the long gravel road takes you right to the fishing spot. The bay offers a unique fishing experience, as a result of the high concentration of fresh-water. You ca
Type: Angling waters

Fishingspot at Vive Harbor

Vive yatching havn is a good starting point for a fishing trip - both east- and west bound fishing trips. To the west you can fish at the tip by Vivebrogård but remember to respect the preserved area
Type: Angling waters