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Angling waters

In North Jutland there are plenty of angling waters all over the area, so if you enjoy relaxation with a fishing pole in your hand, North Jutland is the place to be.

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Louns Fishing Ground

At the top of Louns’s Broad is this coast ground located, where it is great to fish throughout the whole year. Just east of the ground is Lerkenfel Stream, where there’s a big increase of sea trout ev
Type: Angling waters

Risgårde Fishing Ground

The reef by Risgårde is a really nice ground. The water is shallow, but when the water level in the fjord normally is high, it can be absolutely great to fish for sea trout at the reef. The fish are o
Type: Angling waters

Ertebølle Fishing Ground

One of the fjord’s best-known grounds, where a lot of fish are and at times anglers are as well. It is good to fish from this ground throughout the whole year, but especially spring, autumn and winter
Type: Angling waters

Trend Fishing Ground

A great ground for sea trout with stone- and sand bed. In the middle of the stretch, there is a stone reef, which stretches all the way from the beach and out into the fjord. Located North of the grou
Type: Angling waters

Aggersund Fishing Ground

A ground with very strong current, since it is the narrowest place of the fjord. You can fish on both sides of the fjord and both east and west of the bridge. The bed is varied all the way to the chan
Type: Angling waters

Hvalpsund Fishing Ground

The stretch of coast around Hvalpsund is located where the fjord becomes narrower, inbetween Risgårde Broad and Skive Fjord and Louns Broad, and that is why you can catch all the fish which are migrat
Type: Angling waters

Knudshoved Fishing Ground

By Hessel is there a long stretch of coast with great sea trout territory, and the changes here are good to meet big fish. The bed is predominantly sandy and with great occurrence of eelgrass. The eel
Type: Angling waters

Livø Fishing Ground

The stretch of coast all around the island offers great fishing, but especially the north-western side of the island is exciting, with stony beaches and steep cliffs. The bed is varied by sandbanks, b
Type: Angling waters

Rønbjerg, Næsbydale & Lendrup Fishing Grounds

The eastern side of Løgstør Broad offer a true string of pearls of coast grounds. The stretch of well over 7 kilometres includes several of the Limfjord’s most known grounds – and it is not without re
Type: Angling waters

Fishing from the mole in Aalbæk

In the Port of Aalbæk there is easy access to fishing, and is there something better than catching dinner for the whole family. From Aalbæk west pier, eels and flatfish can be caught all year round. R
Type: Angling waters