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Arts and Culture in North Jutland

Art & Culture

Excellent opportunities for peace, freedom, fresh air and plenty of room to exercise their creativity has played an essential part in explaining why Denmark's best contemporary artists and craftsmen have settled in North Jutland. Therefore, you will find numerous galleries and workshops in North Jutland selling ceramics, glass art, candles, amber, paintings and watercolors, antiques, textiles, knitwear and silver and gold jewelry. Furthermore, the many museums combined with the historic sites gives you a great insight into the cultural essence of North Jutland.

All in all, Northern Jutland offers so many cultural experiences that is it impossible to mention them all here. And a holiday in North Jutland with art and culture need not be an alternative saved for "a rainy day".

Also read about the interesting art project - Life Boats - which is coming to North Jutland in 2016!

Skagens Museum

Skagens Museum today contains around 1900 sculptures, drawings and paintings mainly made by artists who visited Skagen in the period from 1870-1930.

The history of North Jutland picture

The history of North Jutland

The Vikings, who dominated Scandinavia from the 700s until 1042, were the forebears of the robust, hard-working, seafaring nation of Denmark.

Castles and Manor houses

Castles and manor houses have to be seen and experienced first hand. Why not pay them a visit?

Viking sites in North Jutland

In North Jutland, you will find many interesting Viking sites carefully preserved to give you an authentic experience of what life was like in the Viking Age.

Thy National Park

National Park Thy is renowned for its wealth of fantastic nature and more sunshine hours than in the rest of the country.