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Nordkraft is the central culture house in Aalborg and includes a theatre, a music venue, a cinema, a sports center and much more. For instance you can find Skråen – the most popular music venue in Aalborg – which presents great concerts and stand-up shows through the year.  

Biffen (in Danish) is the resident, independent film theatre in Aalborg, and shows films, movies from festivals, short films, short features, and silent movies in its 3 theatres in Nordkraft.  

Kunsthal Nord (in Danish) is also worth a visit. KunstVærket, the regional centre for dissemination, education and production of art in Northern Jutland, displays their works in Kunsthal Nord.  

If you’re after a nice lunch or a delightful dinner, then visit Restaurant Azzurra (in Danish) in Nordkraft.  

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