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North Sea in North Jutland

North Sea in North Jutland

Visit the North Sea and explore the roaring sea at some of Denmark's best beaches and spectacular seaside resorts. Here are activities and attractions for all ages.

The North Sea is the ideal destination when you need a break from everyday life - and it's up to you whether your trip should be spent on relaxation, discovery or an adrenaline rush!

Explore the popular wide, sandy beaches and the roaring sea. The strength of the North Sea has made a clear impression on the coastline of North Jutland. Take a walk along the west coast, from the tip of Denmark - Grenen by Skagen and Råbjerg Mile - Denmark's largest wandering sandmile, to Denmark's last wilderness in the National Park Thy. The North Sea has a long history behind it, are you ready to explore it?

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Explore the unique nature of North Jutland
In Nordjylland you will find a number of unique nature sites that cannot find anywhere else in Denmark.

The beaches on the west coast are some of Denmark's most beautiful beaches, and here is something for everyone - from wild surf waves of Cold Hawaii to long walks on the waterfront and luxurious seaside hotels.

On Grenen by Skagen, in the Top of Denmark, they two seas North See and Kattegat meet. Here the waves intersect from each direction and you can stand one foot in each sea. This is definitely not an experience you will forget. It is forbidden to bathe at Grenen because of the strong currents, but along the west coast you can enjoy a swim and experience some of Northern Europe's best beaches.

It's not just on the North Jutland beaches you will find sand. The wild west wind has spread the sand, which has created some very special attractions. South of Skagen you can cross Råbjerg Mile, Denmark's largest wandering sandmile, which for hundreds of years has absorbed parishes, fields and farms that stood in its path. Further to the north the church which is almost buried in sand is located - a monument to the forces of nature. The church was closed because of the wandering sand. Today only the church tower sticks out of the sand. Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, who ironically housed the former sandflight museum, is also getting swallowed up by the sand.

But great nature experiences exist not only in the northernmost part of North Jutland. In Thy at the far west you can experience some of Denmark's last wilderness - Thy National Park. If you are visiting the park, the trip may start in Hanstholm, Klitmøller, Vorupør or Agger. From here you can go by foot, by bike or hop on the horse and follow the more than 100 kilometer long ride. Here the stags run freely, while the seals play on the beach side. If you are really lucky you can also watch wild and impressive birds like the eagles. If you are interested in animals, Bulbjerg is another place you just have to visit - here you will find Denmark's only bird-watching mountain.

Nature Activities
If you want to overcome the forces of nature and be active in nature, Cold Hawaii is an obvious challenge. In the area of Klitmøller you will find one of Northern Europe best surf spots. In Løkken, at North Shore Surf, there is ample opportunity to learn both surfing and SUP. If the wild waves are not for you, North Jutland also offers plenty of fishing. You will also find lots of nature hiking routes or biking routes and some of Denmark´s best MTB-routes.

The stories about the North Sea
The North Sea is wild and unforgivable. Through the ages hundreds of ships have been lost and absorbed by the North Sea. Historically, it has been a feared water and in order to increase the safety of the sailors, lighthouses and beacons were placed along the west coast of Jutland. Today, the beacons and many of the lighthouses have no practical function, but they are left as beautiful monuments and reminder of the harsh life at sea.

Along the coast you will also notice the many World War II bunkers, many of which have been transformed into museums. Dare to explore a tragic part of history, especially the Bangsbo Fort, Bunkermuseet in Hirtshals and Museum Center Hanstholm are definitely worth a visit.

At the water's edge, life also had its advantages, so the beach holiday quickly became popular with the Danes. It started by renting a room at the premises, but soon the first seaside hotels opened, and then the characteristic white beach houses were placed on the beach in Blokhus and Løkken.

The North Jutland west coast is not just beaches, it is also full of fun and learning activities for children and adults, so there is no excuse not to explore the west coast's most popular attractions. Do you dare to try the wild slides and amusements in Fårup Sommerland?

If you want to experience the North Sea up close, then take a trip to the North Sea Oceanarium - Northern Europe's largest aquarium, where you can see more than 7,000 fish in 6 million liters of water placed in 75 aquariums. Here you can also come right down to the seabed with the new 100-square-meter interactive display, and you are in the process of designing the journey.

Back in the day Skagen was the gathering place for a group of artists, now known as The Skagen Painters. They were inspired by the unique light and the hard, unspoiled life of Skagen. The Skagen Painters' artwork revolutionized the art world and can be seen many of the work today at Skagen Museum, which is one of the most popular attractions on the west coast.

The many lovely seaside towns of North Jutland are worth visiting all year round, but it's during the summer season they really flourish - and this is also when most of the events take place.

The big seaside towns - Blokhus, Løkken and Skagen - are famous for their Sankt Hans bonfires on the beach, where the witch is burned on June 23 - an event that brings together many participants.

Since 2010 Klitmøller – Cold Hawaii - has been one of the permanent stops for the PWA World Cup in the windsurf discipline wave performance, where many of the world's best surfers battle the championship.

The coast also offers other events where you can get the pulse up, e.g. Xterra in Slettestrand or Råbjerg Mile Race, which are annual half marathons.

The seaside towns offer lots of interesting flavors - and, according to White Guide, some of North Jutland's best restaurants. Enjoy an award-winning meal at Villa Vest in Lønstrup. Here you can enjoy the sea view of a glass of wine and fresh fish - all served on handmade ceramics from local artists. Ruths Hotel in Skagen also offers gastronomic experiences. In Blokhus, Strandingskroen offers world-class wine and a menu that changes daily in high season.

Along the North Sea there are plenty of accommodations to choose from.

At Skallerup Seaside Resort you can holiday right by the water. Nordjylland also offers many other holiday centers, camping, hotels and inns. Here is something for everyone.

At Hjorth´s Hotel in Skagen you will be on a journey back in time. The hotel, which is one of the pearls, hit the doors for the first time in 1890 and the good atmosphere has not yet faded. Ruth´s Hotel, also located in Skagen. Over a hundred years, it has evolved from a small guesthouse in the dune landscape to a historic first-class beach hotel. The newly opened beach hotel Strandhotellet Blokhus is the newest addition to the North Sea bathing hotels. The hotel opened in 2017 and is built in the characteristic Blokhus style with white-washed walls and red tiles.

If you want to live completely for yourself, there are plenty of cozy holiday homes or along the coast, where you can sunbathe completely uninterrupted in the garden and turn on the barbecue after a long day.

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Nature in North Jutland

The nature is a wonderful place to spend time year round, and there is almost an unlimited number of experiences out there. It is easy to explore and most of it is accessible to everybody.

Beach holiday

For holidaying at the Danish coast does not encourage the ticking off of innumerable lists. On the contrary, it is holidaying where lists are binned and replaced by exploration.


Skagen is the northernmost town in Denmark, and it is a tourist town of great renown – in Denmark as abroad. Here the sun shines for more hours than anywhere else in Denmark.


Blokhus – once a fishing village – is now the center of a charming international holiday paradise with good sea food restaurants and cozy shops.


Løkken is the epitome of a North Jutland beach town on the west coast. Here, one of Denmark’s very best beaches is at your disposal.