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Experience North Jutland

Holiday in North Jutland is all about enjoying life. For most people, time is a luxury that can be too sparse in a busy everyday life - but in North Jutland there is time enough for every experience. In the picturesque surroundings, you have every opportunity to enjoy beautiful nature, exciting culture, cozy cities and delicious local food; all it takes to appreciate life with the ones you care about. Use the guide below to find the best experiences that North Jutland has to offer.

The little big city - Aalborg

Explore the cultural city of Aalborg, a city where every attraction is within walking distance and a destination highlighted by the New york Times.

Family holiday

No matter what you prefer to experience on your family holiday, North Jutland is the place to do it. You and your family have endless possibilities to enjoy yourselves and have the best holiday ever!

Art & Culture picture

Art & Culture

Northern Jutland offers so many cultural experiences that is it impossible to mention them all here. And a holiday in North Jutland with art and culture need not be an alternative saved for "a rainy day".


North Jutland offers a wide variety of experiences and attractions for both adults and children.

Food & Gastronomy

Taste the flavour of North Jutland and have an amazing gastronomic adventure that is unique.

North Jutland has a vast treasure chamber of specialities and commodities, which are very special to the area. 


North Jutland is perfect for an active holiday. Here is plenty and clean angling waters, biking routes, golf courses and magnificent nature for hiking.

Nature in North Jutland

The nature is a wonderful place to spend time year round, and there is almost an unlimited number of experiences out there. It is easy to explore and most of it is accessible to everybody.

Beach holiday

For holidaying at the Danish coast does not encourage the ticking off of innumerable lists. On the contrary, it is holidaying where lists are binned and replaced by exploration.

The history of North Jutland picture

The history of North Jutland

The Vikings, who dominated Scandinavia from the 700s until 1042, were the forebears of the robust, hard-working, seafaring nation of Denmark.