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Nationalpark Thy

National Park Thy

National Park Thy is renowned for its wealth of fantastic nature and more sunshine hours than in the rest of the country. The area offers the opportunity to experience the wide open spaces and feel the sand between your toes, as well as providing lots of adventures both in the natural surroundings and in the many other attractions the National Park also has to offer.

National Park Thy, "Denmark’s last wilderness", is characterised by great natural and scenic amenities. The western part of Thy has been shaped by centuries of sand migration and today contains major national and international natural sites in the form of coastline, dunes, sand heaths, lakes and sand plantations.

National Park Thy means open spaces, openness, unspoilt countryside, peace and quiet and rare types of natural surroundings. This is supplemented by an exciting and valuable interaction between cultural history and nature, which is a fundamental part of the concept behind the National Park in Thy.

The National Park stretches from the lighthouse in Hanstholm in the north to Agger Tange in the south and is bordered on the east by farmland.

Types of nature meet

The area reflects the meeting of Arctic and southern European types of nature. The sand heaths are of European importance and are populated by many dwarf shrubs, but relatively little heather.

In West Thy and around Hanstholm some of Denmark’s cleanest lakes are found. These lakes can be both rich and poor in lime, and the aquatic plants and insect life in the lakes are unusual in relation to the rest of the country.

On the steep limestone slopes around the former islands of the stone-age sea, for example near Hanstholm, there is a dry-bed flora of herbs, whilst in the brackish and salty wetlands near the tongues of land at Agger and Harboør there are numerous species of plants.

Nature created by the elements

The National Park is a coherent natural area for people, plants and animals. At Hanstholm game reserve, located in the National Park, more than 30 different species of bird breed, and the otter has found sanctuary in the lakes of the protected area. Agger Tange - in the southern part of the National Park - is one of Northern Europe's most important resting areas for numerous flocks of water birds. Tangen has been designated as an international bird protection area.

Wind, currents and the battering of the waves continually alter the coastline. At the beginning of the 1800s the tongue of land between Agger and Harboøre was burst by the sea during a storm surge and the Limfjord became a strait.

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