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Rold Forest

Rold Forest

The forest, Rold Skov, has scope for active holidaying as well as holiday relaxation. Add to this, the most wonderful culinary and cultural experiences.

Now, the natives of North Jutland are not given to bragging – not even about the amazing scenery and plentiful experiences provided by the Rebild area. Then, it’s a good thing that the beauty of the region will, in fact, speak for itself. Rold Forest makes a perfect and evergreen framework for an invigorating mini-holiday where nature provides you with the time and space for seizing all the artistic, culinary and, frequently – slightly physically demanding – opportunities on offer in the Rebild area.

Fortunately, the level of exercising is up to the individual: highly active people may challenge themselves by a 23-kilometre wild mountain-bike ride in Rold Forest – either on their own or in the company of a guide. This means sweat on your brow and leaves in your hair.

If you prefer a more modest adrenaline kick, there are countless wonderful marked hiking routes. You can also rent a canoe for a peaceful trip down the stream, Lindenborg Å. Your hamper filled with strawberries and champagne, you glide harmoniously through the rushes, stopping at one of the many forest lakes where, perhaps, you take a quick swim in water heated by summer – enjoying the quiet and each other.

A charming spot for taking a breather during your trip – be that hiking, biking or canoeing – is the sparkling spring of Lille Blåkilde in Bjergeskoven. The name of the spring (‘lille’ means small) notwithstanding, this is one of the springs in Northern Europe with the greatest abundance of water.

If you bring your children, you simply cannot miss a visit to Røverknolden, the best nature playground in Scandinavia.

Freshly caught trout and Rold Forest in the backyard 

With your water supplies replenished from the crystal-clear spring, you are prepared for the return trip to one of Rebild’s charming hotels, such as e.g. the luxurious Rold Storkro with its fireplace, sauna and swimming pool – or "Heden", Gudrun and Marinus Knudsen’s B & B, having the forest of Rold as its backyard.

From such bases, you are set for enjoying the food scene, set by the many inns and restaurants round about Rebild: the locals really know how to exploit the area’s delicious and fresh produce: Freshly caught trout from the spring, game from the forest, organic meat and other good stuff provided by the surrounding nature. You could, for instance, try a Rebildplatte (Rebild platter) at Tophuset. Steeped in tradition, this old beer garden has existed since 1875 and – for a number of years – it was run by old Top Karen.

One regularly recurring event is, of course, the Rebild Celebrations, where – on the United States’ Independence Day, Danish-Americans will get together under the treetops, celebrating Danish traditions. This is a great historical experience – also to participants not necessarily having any roots “over there”.

Here you can read more about the Rebild celebrations

A little later in the year, the green forest is the framework for yet a tremendous experience – this time against a musical backdrop, namely Opera in Rebild. Here love constitutes the overriding theme for the participating great soloists, from Denmark and abroad.

Over the summer, the area moreover provides rich opportunity for taking a plaid to the lake, Store Okssø, and spread it out right by the lakeside. Remember to stuff your hamper with popcorn, for the big outdoor screen will feature a currently popular film. We could go on about more cultural experiences, green nooks and memorable experiences – but, well, we are natives of North Jutland, aren’t we?

We have let Gudrun Knudsen have the last word; and there is no doubt in her mind that no spot is more beautiful than Rebild:

“In Rold Skov, you experience the magnificence of nature – you are captivated by the ever changing expression of the scenery. Sitting in the shade of “Heden’s” old apple trees with a good book – that’s nice.”

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Nature in North Jutland

The nature is a wonderful place to spend time year round, and there is almost an unlimited number of experiences out there. It is easy to explore and most of it is accessible to everybody.