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Go fossil hunting in North Jutland

Fossils can be found throughout the year in North Jutland, and when found in the nature they are free of charge. You are most likely to find sea urchins and their spines as well as belemnite fossils (part of octopus) by the beach and fossilized shark teeth, mussels, corals and crab shells and fish when you use a hammer and chisel.

The Moler Museum of Mors shows an amazing collection of fossils and tells the story about the formation of the “moler” and the contemporary exploitation. There is a workshop with microscopes, where you can examine the “moler” yourself. In the beautiful area there is a nature trail, which leads through one of the “moler” trenches and past excavated houses from the Viking Age and the Middle Ages.

Fossil hunting on your own

Go for a stroll along the beach and look for fossils and pretty stones with fossils inside; it is exciting no matter whether you are on your own or with the family. Or you can go fossil hunting in gravel or clay pits, limestone or chalk quarries and the large, well-known fossil spots such as Mors, and the small island of Fur in the Limfjord Lake. Less known, but not less exciting, is the fossil route of Jutland which passes through Jutland's beautiful ice age landscape.

You can inquire at the local tourist offices whether there are any good fossil spots near the place where you are holidaying.

Essential equipment

When you want to dig into the deep layers or see the inside of chalk or limestone rock, you must bring along a hammer and chisel, and preferably also some goggles for protection. Moreover, it is a good idea to wear a pair of thick-soled shoes.

Can you bring home the fossils?

Yes, most of the time you are allowed to do so, however, if you are lucky enough to find an unusual specimen, you should contact a geological center or museum. You might have found a fossil which falls under the category of danekræ under Danish law, and therefore you are obliged to hand over the find to a museum in Denmark - obviously for a finder's fee.

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