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Bulbjerg Bird Cliff

Bulbjerg Bird Cliff - The Shoulder of Jutland

Bulbjerg is Jutland's only rock, which is 47 meters above sea level and is also called for "The Shoulder of Jutland". Besides providing an amazing view over the North Sea, the lime stone rock is also the home of many different bird species; for example 500 black-legged kittiwake (the world's most common sea gull), Northern gannets, skuas and other birds.

Bulbjerg is constantly exposed to corrosion by the violent waves of the North Sea, which engulfs large pieces of lime stone and spreads it out into pieces on the shores next to Bulbjerg.

Originally, Bulbjerg was an island surrounded by the ocean, which covered large parts of Thy, and in the Viking Ages the rock was used as a point of orientation, which showed where the entrance to the North Sea was. At the time, the Vikings sailed from Aggersborg up the Limfjord towards Vust and finally Bulbjerg, but in the 12th century this rute was burried by sand and made the Limfjord a fjord.

Bulbjerg Rock

In the year of 1907 a beach hotel was also built near Bulbjerg. But when the Germans occupied it and built a radio and radar station, they chose to blow the beach hotel up when the Second World War ended, since it could be used as a point of orientation from the sea.

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