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Motel Egense

Motel Egense Strand is placed with a unique view of the Limfjord and in walking distance to the beach. Motel Egense Strand offers rooms of a high standard with good beds. All rooms have separate toilet and bath, TV and free WiFi.

Motel Egense is on the verge on mayor change as they are trying to become a place for relaxation, comfort and peace. Every room have undergone a thorough renovation. All the rooms have bathrooms, bath and Wifi. With all this change, Motel Egense are ready to face the future.

Read more on the website of Motel Egense and contact for offers... 

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Kystvej 4
9280 Storvorde


+45 98 31 01 88


+45 31 63 41 53


  • Facilities

    • WiFi
    • Restaurant
    • Meeting facilities
    • Access to internet
    • Car parking



Longitude : 10.30029611
Latitude : 56.98155995