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Beach hotels

Seaside hotels in North Jutland

The seaside hotels in North Jutland have soul and charm and their very own rustic atmosphere, and they are by nature situated in incredibly beautiful surroundings – close to beaches and the sea.

Relaxed holiday atmosphere

You will experience a lovely and relaxing holiday atmosphere and attentive service in the charming and highly individualised seaside hotels, so the stress of daily life is easily shed. You will settle in in no time, be able to relax properly and just enjoy "being", chatting to the other guests or spending hours in a lounger with a good book within reach. If you are among the people, who like to start the day with a dip in the water, a run or a hike, the sea and beaches are right on the doorsteps.

Culinary experiences

Many seaside hotels offer half or full board which means that some or all of the meals are provided at the hotel. When the doors to the dining rooms open, the joy of anticipation sets in, because it is not uncommon to find some of the best Danish chefs in these kitchens, and as a result the standards are very high.

Time for experiences

The obvious choice is to get outside to explore nature and the surrounding area and its attractions. Because the seaside hotels are located in some of most beautiful spots in North Jutland. The hotels are happy to help you plan experiences, and many of them can also provide you with a picnic basket for the trip. You should also keep an eye out for events arranged by the hotel.

Children are welcome

The relaxed atmosphere at the seaside hotels also appeals to children. The activity level may not be very high, but that leaves more time for togetherness and cosiness – maybe also with some of the other children visiting with their families.

Seasons and prices

Traditionally, the season spans from mid April to mid October, however, more and more seaside hotels stay open throughout the year as they are renovated. Prices vary from one place to the other and you will find everything from super de luxe hotels with spas and wellness to the more rustic hotels. Typically, prices for a double room including breakfast range from DKK 850 to 1500 per night. Note that it is often possible to book half or full board at the hotels. Several seaside hotels have attractive offers for weekend and week stays.

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Seaside hotels in North Jutland:

Svinkløv Badehotel

Ruths Hotel

Hjorths Hotel/Kokholms Hotel

Hotel Traneklit Gl. Skagen

Feriehotel Tranum Klit

Løkken Badehotel

Agger Badehotel

Hotel Klim Bjerg

Munch´s Badehotel

Strandgaarden Badehotel

Stenbjerg Kro & Badehotel

Hotel Strandlyst

Lyngfeldts Hotel & Restaurant

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