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North Jutland's hostels are open to all visitors, regardless of mode of travel or age. You will experience a cozy and relaxed atmosphere and a pleasant, undemanding sense of community – and you are bound to meet new and interesting people.

Spend time in the company of others

The only thing that is required to ensure that your holiday is a good one is in fact that you approach things with an open mind and enjoy meeting other people. The hostels do their utmost to ensure that their guests feel at home and at ease. Great efforts are made to provide a good atmosphere and sociable climate. Pleasant common rooms, lounges with a fireplace, barbecue in the garden, playground for the children, table tennis, etc. all help to provide conditions for establishing contact between guests.

In urban and rural settings

Some of the hostels in North Jutland are situated in towns and cities, whilst others are located in more rural surroundings. Many are new and equipped with very modern facilities, whilst others are old and located in attractive and interesting buildings that have been carefully restored and with plenty of atmosphere.

Good to take with you

You can bring your own bed linen, i.e. sheets, duvet cover and pillow covers, and towels, although this is not absolutely necessary as these items can also be rented at the hostel. On the other hand, you must leave your sleeping bag at home, since the use of sleeping bags is not permitted at hostels.


The majority of hostels in North Jutland serve a really healthy and nutritious breakfast that sets you up for the challenges and experiences of a new day. In order to promote uniformity, DANHOSTEL Danmarks Vandrerhjem has, for example, defined a standard for breakfast, which means that you can be sure of finding a large and well-assorted breakfast buffet at all hostels. 

Evening meals are also served at some hostels. As in the case of breakfast, these must be ordered in advance. Several hostels also serve special dishes for children.

Guest kitchen – if you wish

If you prefer to make your own food, there is a guest kitchen at all DANHOSTEL hostels. The kitchens are fully equipped with pots and pans, frying pans and, in addition to a hob, there are usually an oven, refrigerator and coffeemaker. It is, however, a good idea to bring crockery, cutlery, tea towels, etc. with you from home.

Ideal for groups

Hostels are ideal for groups of all ages as a place to stay the night and use as a fixed base for your excursions. The hosts are highly experienced and have great local knowledge, thus enabling them to give you good advice and guidance both before and during your stay. At many hostels, there are also classrooms with a wide range of equipment. Not only are the physical facilities in order, but food and drink are also available with two good meals every day. Remember to book well in advance.

Those interested in sports can really make the most of the hostels, since they are often located adjacent to or close to sports centres. The hostels in North Jutland are, therefore, ideal for use as training camps, competition and tournament venues, or for holding courses for referees and coaches.

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