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Good to know

When you arrive in a foreign country, there are always things which are good to know.

Whether it is about how to get around, what is considered normal in Denmark or which traditions we have - you can never be too prepared. And here you can read about it all.

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15 facts about the Danes

Did you know that Danes are the world's happiest people? Or that fried pork is Denmark's national dish? 

Get to know the Danes better by reading some facts about the Danish people.

Your ”to do-list” before studying in North Jutland

If you're planning to study in Denmark, here is a helpful guide to prepare you for your time in Denmark.

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The history of North Jutland

The Vikings, who dominated Scandinavia from the 700s until 1042, were the forebears of the robust, hard-working, seafaring nation of Denmark.