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Food Festivals - Tasting Days

The treasury of Northern Jutland contains many quality food products from the sea, inlet, field and sky. We invite you to taste, cook and explore at Mors Skaldyrsfestival (shellfish), Løgstør Muslingefestival (mussels), Hirtshals Fiskefestival (fish) and Læsø Jomfruhummerfestival (Norwegian lobster).

Mors Skaldyrsfestival (shellfish)

This year, Mors Skaldyrsfestival is held from June 3rd until June 5th at the harbor in Nykøbing Mors on Mors. An extraordinary event for both children and adults is waiting for you, and your senses will be spoiled by the tastes, smells and sounds of Northern Jutland. Take a stroll among the stalls and breathe in the fantastic smell of steamed mussels, learn about delicious Northern Jutland foodstuffs from the producers, listen to the locals and the professional bands playing their lovely music and find out more about the inlet of Limfjorden at Mors Skaldyrscenter.

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Løgstør Muslingefestival (mussels)

When the yearly mussels festival in Løgstør is held on July 8th - 10th, the lovely smell of mussels spreads across the harbor area. Mussels are eaten, music is played and the artists show their works.

You will not be leaving this festival with an empty stomach: Friday evening features a local-dishes-competition and an eat-mussels-evening where around 1 ton of mussels are prepared and served free of charge to the crowds. The rest of the weekend offers Northern Jutland foodstuffs, markets, arts, music and a cozy atmosphere by the harbor.

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Hirtshals Fiskefestival (fish)

Hirtshals Fiskefestival takes place every year during the first weekend of August - and you are invited!

From August 4th until August 6th you can learn about, taste and explore fish and fishing at close range at one of the largest fishing harbors in Denmark when Hirtshals Fiskefestival asks you in for fun, vivid and educative stories about fish and fishing.

Professionals with a profound knowledge of this industry are ready to guide you through the Northern Jutland sea larder, and you can take part in a guided tour of the harbor and experience the harbor and the town from the seaward side, join a fish auction, visit a local company, board a ship and much more. Obviously, your senses will want to get involved too so the festival offers lots of samples, and the election of the Herring of the Year also involves plenty of delicious sampling.

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Læsø Jomfruhummerfestival (Norwegian lobster)

Læsø Jomfruhummerfestival is a chef competition that has been attracting some of the best chefs from Denmark and abroad since 2004. This year its held on the 6th of August. This gastronomical bout uses the Norwegian lobster from Læsø as the main ingredient. The audience is able to get an up-close look at the working chefs and luckily there is plenty of scope for tasting the lobsters afterwards too.

The Norwegian lobster is just one of many Læsø delicacies, and the fantastic ingredients used in the competition for "The golden Lobster Claw" which takes place on the harbour on Læsø on Saturday August 6th are not only found in the sea around the island of Læsø. Obviously, the Norwegian lobster from Læsø is the main ingredient when the professional chefs do their magic. However, other delicious, local foodstuffs such as salt, lamb, vegetables, herbs, honey, rose hip and seafood are also important elements of the festival.

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