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On a Beer Journey

Denmark is once again a world leader in beer. No other country in the world has a similar selection of quality beers in relation to the size of the country and the number of inhabitants. The breweries are spread all over Denmark. They are situated so closely that you rarely have to go more than 30 km before you find the next brewery. Why not go on a beer journey and see how it is produced and taste it before it leaves the brewery?

Denmark has always been a beer country. Until the end of the 1990's, we hardly knew of more than one type of beer production – the pilsner. It was, however, available in many different variations and sold under different names. Back then it was called a “consumer beer”. But around the year 2000, everyone became more aware of quality food, its origin and where it was produced, and we started to show an interest in drinks too - and not least our beer. We wanted quality and we wanted to know where the beer originated from and how it was produced - we wanted a “beer experience” and no longer just to drink “consumer beer”.

What has taken place in the Danish beer market is no less than a revolution. The special beer sale is by far the fastest growing category in the Danish consumer industry. Ten years ago, Denmark had only about 10 breweries with Carlsberg and Tuborg dominating the market, but since the year 2000, more than 50 new breweries have seen the light of day. Breweries which produce hand-brewed quality and, in most incidents, completely new ranges of beer, yeasted in the Belgian, German, English and Czech style. Beer which gets the necessary personal care and time to mature.

It sounds like a fairytale - and it is. The selection of specially brewed beers has never been wider - and one thing is certain, the development is here to stay. In the years to come, we will see many more micro breweries and an even bigger selection of beer production in Denmark.

In Aalborg you can try "Aalborg Beerwalk", where you taste 6 different beers in 6 different places. Furthermore, we would like to recommend some breweries in North Jutland, who produce their own beer.

Brew house Vendia

Bryghuset Vendia focus on brewing beers, make events and food of a high quality, and so it is also one of the best restaurants in North Jutland.

Bryghuset Vendia
Markedsgade 9
9800 Hjørring
Tlf. no.: +45 98 92 22 29

Læsø Brew house

Læsø Brew house make their own beer by hand, but accordingly the beer should taste better, since they use old brewing methods, good spirits and personal commitment.

Læsø Bryghus
Bogøgårdsvej 9
9940 Læsø
Tlf. nr: +45 98 49 91 99

Løkken Brew house

Løkken Bryghus opened in 2006, and four different types of beers are being brewed.

Løkken Bryghus
Kjelgaards Plads 5
9480 Løkken
Tlf. no.: +45 50 10 83 30

Nibe Brew house

The brew house in Nibe offers beer tastings, where you can try the homemade beers

Nibe Bryghus
Bryggen 80C
9240 Nibe
Tlf. no.: +45 61 68 95 30

Restaurant Bryggen

The brew house in Thisted opened in 2006 and lays just beside the waterfront. Besides making beers, the trademark of Restaurant Bryggen is tender steaks and exciting starters and desserts.

Restaurant Bryggen
Sydhavnsvej 9
7700 Thisted
Tlf. no.: +45 97 92 30 90

Skagen Brew house

Skagen Brew house is located close to the city center and consists of both the brew house and a serving area, where the bar is designed like an old wooden ship.

Skagen Bryghus
Kirkevej 10
9990 Skagen
Tlf. no: +45 98 45 00 50

Søgaard's Brew house

Søgaard's brew house lies in the heart of Aalborg at the cozy square near Buldolfi church. The brewhouse consist of both the brewery, a restaurant, a bar area and an ale house. The brew house offers beer tastings, tours and delicious dishes.

Søgaards Bryghus
C.W.Obels Plads 1A
9000 Aalborg
Tlf. no.: +45 98 16 11 14

Thisted Brew house

Thisted Brew house makes unique beers and specializes in ecological beers and has a well-known reputation in North Jutland.

Thisted Bryghus
Bryggerivej 10
7700 Thisted
Tlf. no.: +45 97 92 23 22

Ølleriet Håndgjow

Ølleriet Håndgjow is a small brewery, which makes handmade beers, and is located in the most beautiful surroundings. Enjoy the view of fields and fjord, where the ingredients for the beers have been plucked.

Ølleriet Håndgjow
Bjerregårdsvej 10, Heltborg
7760 Hurup Thy
Tlf. no.: +45 23 96 32 79

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