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Gastronomy in North Jutland

Food & Gastronomy

North Jutland may be famous for its pickled herring and the good old Danish pastry, but the region has much, much more to offer.

Discover the wonderful delicacies of Northern Denmark and return home with a widened gastronomic horizon.

North Jutland welcomes you to a tasteful holiday adventure.

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Best restaurants in North Jutland

Here you will find a list of the best places to eat during your stay in Denmark's northernmost region along with reviews from food critics and reviewers on TripAdvisor

Muslinger på havnen i Nykøbing Mors

Food Festivals - Tasting Days

Here you will find Food Festivals in North Denmark, where you can taste the specialities of Danish cuisine.

Aalborg - The Capital of North Jutland

Welcome to the culture city of Aalborg - a living and thriving big city (in the eyes of the Danes) with lots of pulse, atmosphere, attractions and attractive shopping environments.

Sea, beach and fjord

A short trip from Aarhus you'll find white-sand beaches along the Kattegat coast and numerous fjords.