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Aalborg Carnival

A tropical atmosphere, vibrating samba rhythms, colorful costumes and enchanting mystique. The Brazilians are known worldwide for their spectacular carnivals, but you do not have to travel all the way to South America to participate in such a wonderful celebration, instead, the city of Aalborg will surprise you with its yearly gathering of both small and big for a party in the streets of the beautiful city.

In 1982, four people began their mission of bringing more joy to the people of North Jutland, and only a year later, the very first carnival was held in Aalborg with around 10,000 participants. Since then, the annual event in May has grown, and today, about 100,000 people come to Aalborg each year to enjoy samba rhythms and show of their amazing costumes in the largest carnival of Northern Europe!

The street is the stage – you are the entertainer!

The Carnival in Aalborg is for everyone - a fact that differentiates it from other large carnivals, which normally are exclusively for professional participants. During the celebrations, both children and adults, professionals and non-professionals, are invited to create their own costumes and show them off to the many spectators. The Carnival is a great celebration of life, and only your fantasy sets the limits for this popular and unique experience.

Whether you want to participate or spectate, The Carnival is an exotic and extravagant affair, where people from all over the world are represented. This involves for The Carnival to both have an international parede, one for children and one for the great masses. When you take in the scene of the amazing costumes, hear the enchanting rhythms of the music and cheer along with the people beside you, you find out that there is no other place to get quite the same exhilarating feeling.

A week of Carnival Adventures

The Carnival in Aalborg goes on for a whole week and reaches its climax with a Grand Parade and the following party in one of the city's parks, Kildeparken. The park is a focal point for activities and entertainment during the carnival - a place where concerts are held, while cold drinks and hot food is enjoyed.

The Children's Carnival: A parade through the center of the city followed by entertainment and games in Kildeparken.

The Battle of Carnival Bands: An international carnival show with exotic and beautiful costumes and dancers. Carnival groups from all over the world do their best to win the title as “The Best Carnival Group” of the year.

The Carnival Party: Festive events all day long. The participants march through the streets to Kildeparken, where about 25,000 participants party and dance along to music coming from four stages.

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