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Egense Marina

Egense Marina is a charming little marina with very good facilities for yachting enthusiasts. You will find a newly renovated clubhouse with excellent common facilities. For children you will find a nice playground with a view to the waterside.

Not too long from Egense Marina you will find a beach, where you can cool down on a hot summer day or enjoy the beautiful nature on a fall day.

When you arrive to Egense as a yachtsman you will find a lot of useful facilities in the clubhouse like common room, TV, kitchen, washing facilities, toilet, shower and bikes you can borrow for free. Besides this you will also find a courtyard with a barbecue, where you can cook yourself a nice meal.

If you want to go fishing, you can dig up sandworms close to the harbor and go fishing in Limfjord or Kattegat.

You can also board the Hals-Egense ferry and visit the city Hals.

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Kystvej 1
9280 Storvorde


+45 98 31 00 57


  • Facilities

    • Playground
    • Barbecue
    • Shopping
    • Slipway



Longitude : 10.305001
Latitude : 56.98273