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Vikinge sites

Viking sites in North Jutland

In North Jutland, you will find many interesting Viking sites carefully preserved to give you an authentic experience of what life was like in the Viking Age.

Lindholm Høje, Nørresundby

On this peaceful hillside is the largest Viking burial ground in Scandinavia. In the 1950s, the museum excavated several dwellings and burial sites from the Iron Age and Viking era, located at Lindholm Høje, just north of Aalborg in Nørresundby. 150 ship settings (graves) and almost 700 graves have been found here, some dating back as far as the 5th century. Many of the discoveries are presented in the museum's unusual exhibits along with Viking artifacts from the site.

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Fyrkat, Hobro

Sometime around the year 980, the Danish Viking king Harald Bluetooth built a large Viking ring fortress at Fyrkat in North Jutland. A similar fortress was built at Trelleborg in Slagelse. The perfectly circular fortress originally included 16 buildings. The oak house from the fortress was reconstructed by hand using Viking carpentry techniques and tools. There is also a reconstructed working Viking farmstead on the site.

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Aggersborg, Løgstør

Near the Limfjord close to Aggersund, you will see the remains of Denmark's largest Viking fortress. The fortress had an important strategic meaning, since one could control all traffic from the sea both from East, West and North to Norway. The remains are circular with a diameter of 240 meter with 48 buildings inside. 

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