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Life Boats

Life-Boats - Experience sailing art

In connection with Aarhus being named as the European Capital of Culture in 2017, a wealth of events will be taking place where culture is paramount. With four MEGA events and 12 Full Moon events, Aarhus and central Jutland will be on the international map, but culture will certainly also rub off on Northern Jutland. Already in 2016 you can see the stunning floating sculptures, Life Boats, as they visit three northern cities during the summer.

The three floating works of art, created by the Norwegian born artist, Marit Benthe Nordheim who lives in Hjørring, are each 12 meters long. The ships are cast in concrete, but can sail perfectly well and function exactly like motor boats (with electrical engines) but with an artistic appearance. The three boats depict three different stages in a woman’s life with the titles: My ship is loaded with Longing (in the young woman’s life), - Life (for the pregnant woman in the middle of life) and Memories (for the aging woman). At least 250 volunteers have assisted Marit Benthe Norheim in making these works of art possible.  

Although Marit Benthe Norheim has created art, which is known throughout Europe, she is best known in Denmark for “The Lady from the Sea”, a seven-meter-high concrete sculpture that looks out over Sæby waters. In addition, her rolling sculpture, “Camping Women”, has toured far and wide in Denmark.

The ships start their first journey from Aalborg in June, 2016, whereupon they will sail down the fjord as the forerunners in a series of events and arrangements, which take place in the various ports of call. During autumn 2016, they will sail towards Aarhus.

The sailing route for 2016:

12th to 14th of June: Departure from Mygdal, North Jutland

15th to 18th of June: Stay in Stigsborg harbor, Aalborg, preparing and waiting for the launch

18th of June: The Big Launch of all three Life-boats in Aalborg during the Aalborg Regatta, North Jutland

18th to 20th of June: Stay in Aalborg during the Aalborg Regatta, North Jutland

22nd to 26th of June: Stay in Gjøl during Sankt Hans, North Jutland

7th to 11th of July: Stay in Løgstør during the mussels festival and city jubilee, North Jutland

14th to 20th of July: Stay in Struer, West Jutland

22nd to 27th of July: Stay in Lemvig with beach party, West Jutland

5th to 8th of August: Stay in Harboøre during the Day of the Fish, West Jutland

11th to 15th of August: Stay in Thisted with the Nordic Cultural Festival, North Jutland

19th to 28th of August: Stay in Nykøbing Mors during The Cultural Summit, North Jutland

1st to 5th of September: Stay in Skive, Central Jutland

14th to 19th of September: Stay in Mariager fjord (Hobro or Hadsund), North Jutland

23rd to 26th of September: Stay in Randers, East Jutland

28th to 30th of September: Stay in Bønnerup, Central Jutland

1st to 4th of October: Stay in Grenå, East Jutland

7th to 10th of October: Stay in Ebeltoft, East Jutland

12th to 23rd of October: Stay in Aarhus, East Jutland

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