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Castles and Manor houses

Castles and Manor houses

Castles and manor houses have to be seen and experienced first hand. Why not pay them a visit? They each offer a rich treasure trove of attractions and exhibits that tell a wealth of different stories. We here give you our guide to castles and manor houses in North Jutland.

Bangsbo Museum and Archive

Bangsbo manor house was established in the 14th century. The present buildings date from the 18th and 19th century with the cellar regions having foundations from 1580. Today, the manor house is a museum which features Jutland's resistance during the Second World War and a coastal museum.

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Voergaard Castle

Voergaard Castle, built in 1580, is one of Denmark's loveliest renaissance buildings. The castle has been refurbished by its latest owner, the Danish-French count E. Oberbech-Clausen, who has brought to Voergaard an exceptional collection of furniture, art, antiques, porcelain and silver. The castle organises guided tours for parties during the season. Free access to the park with Denmark's widest moats.

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Dronninglund Castle

Dronninglund Castle, situated in some of Vendsyssel's most beautiful countryside, was once – over 800 years ago – one of Denmark's richest abbeys, founded by nuns of the Benedictine order. After the Reformation, the abbey was several times the property of the Crown, and in 1690, Queen Charlotte Amalie gave the estate its present name. Today, the castle is a functional, exclusive hotel and conference centre blending harmoniously with the culture-historical values of the former castle.

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Store Restrup manor

The main building of Store Restrup manor dates back to 1723. After comprehensive restoration Store Restrup is now an exclusive castle hotel with 100 beds, room for 600 dining guests, conference facilities with meeting rooms, group seminar rooms and auditorium. Cosy, romantic ambience in the beautifully preserved historical interiors.

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Dueholm Monestary

In 1370, monks of the Order of St John Of Jerusalem built Dueholm Monestary on Mors – a huge complex with many buildings and a large abbey church. After the Reformation most of the abbey building remained intact and is now a museum with unique collections, illustrating the history of the island of Mors and its inhabitants through thousands of years.

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Højriis Castle

Højriis Castle is one of Denmark’s oldest manor houses. The atmosphere here appears to be peaceful and idyllic – but… within the walls of the house terrible events have taken place. Dark secrets and terrible crimes – intrigues and murder have left a bloody trail throughout the house. A real Whodunit! Look for the clues on your own – if you dare – and help to solve a genuine murder mystery. Today Højriis offers a frisson of excitement for all ages.

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Kokkedal Castle

Kokkedal Castle has roots back to the 14th century. It was once a mighty fortress, whose meter-thick walls, watchman's galleries and embrasures exist to this day. Since its restoration, Kokkedal Castle, with Prince Joachim as its protector, has functioned as an exclusive hotel and restaurant.

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Lille Restrup Manor House

Lovingly restored manor house from the 1400s. Both the interior and the old courtyard atmosphere have been preserved and appear completely intact. The former stables have been converted into a coffee shop, art gallery and craft shop. The manor house also offers overnight accommodation in lovely rooms – including a delightful room with a four-poster bed.

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Odden Manor House

Odden manor house is a lovely rustic structure that has been built during different periods. This explains the striking contrasts in the main building, which have the effect of making the manor house even more atmospheric. The extremely old house is a fine setting for the collection and works by the Danish artist F. F. Willumsen.

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Børglum Monestary

During the Middle Ages Børglum was an episcopal residence and monastery, and you can still see the old cathedral from the early 13th century with its beautiful furniture and herb garden, featuring a wide range of medicinal plants.

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