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Arts, crafts and experience

In North Jutland, we have everything within the field of crafts: ceramics, glassware, textiles, jewelry, basketwork and wood, paper, furniture and metal, and many craftsmen have opened their workshops to visitors. You can find such workshops practically all over the country, but North Jutland have attracted more artists than other regions, creating a special environment that will inevitably capture you as a guest.

Another place where you can meet craftsmen and their products is at one of the many markets for design and crafts, which you can experience several places in North Jutland. These markets are especially numerous during summer and the months before Christmas. The local tourist offices will be able to help you with information about what is going on art-wise in their region.

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If you are on the lookout for something interesting to do, while enjoying your holiday in North Jutland, then visit some of the areas ceramic workshops for an educational and exciting experience. One of the unique ceramic processing techniques you may come across is ceramic wood burning. This technique originates from Japan and is very common there. Several ceramics in North Jutland have studied the technique and built their ovens in Japanese style.


Although glass has been made since 2000 B.C., it does not seize to fascinate, whether it is the technique or the product itself. Trouble yourself by visiting some of North Jutland's glass workshops. Each workshops has its own style and own interpretations of old and new techniques. 

Amber and jewelry

Nature's beautiful roughness is transformed into interesting jewelry in combination with the best Danish craftsman skills. Silver, gold, cobber, brass and amber are the preferred materials, where it is all about enhancing the expression of the materials used. Others put great emphasis on the soul of the metals by preserving a rawness in the finished design of the jewelries.

Textile and paper

Craftsmen do not only work with glass, ceramics or a pallet. Wool can make exquisite clothes and plant fibers makes decorative handmade paper. Some work with batik colors and silk paint, others with picture weaving based on old techniques, while others again make hats, trolls and animals in felt.

Candle foundries

To make a candle is an old craft, which is honored in North Jutland and at Blokhus Lys you can make your very own candles. The process from liquid mass to the finished candle is a fun and fascinating experience for the entire family to enjoy. At home the candles can spread light and coziness in the darkness of winter.


Clay is a exciting and artistically inspiring material. It can be shaped in endless forms and be transformed into beautiful works of art with their very own expression. When the clay figure is done, it must dry slowly and then it is burned at 1260 degrees. After being burned the process continues by scraping, scratching, glaceing and add layer upon layer to give depth and movement.

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Northern Jutland offers so many cultural experiences that is it impossible to mention them all here. And a holiday in North Jutland with art and culture need not be an alternative saved for "a rainy day".