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Finding amber

Go amber hunting in North Jutland

Some people have an eye for amber, i.e. a special ability to find the golden lumps on the beach. But for most of us, it takes knowledge, patience and a big portion of luck to succeed. In reality, you can find amber along all the Danish coasts, but chances are better where it is most windy and where the surf is biggest, i.e. along the west coast of Jutland.

The ideal amber weather

It takes a proper wind for the amber to loosen from the sea bed and afterwards nice and quiet weather where the amber pieces can sweep up onto the beach with seaweed, pebbles and flotsam.
Moreover, you have to keep an eye on the tide, because the best time is when the water is lowering and leaving the beach. Check with a tide calendar or visit www.kyst.dk.

The amber lumps are not just flashing on the beach. They hide in the seaweed, so you really have to use your eyes well.

Amber or stones?

Amber is not only yellow, it can also be white, black or reddish and it is thus easy to mistake for stones. But there are some simple ways to find out whether it is real or not.

  • Knock it carefully against your teeth. If it feels soft and doesn't chink too much, it is probably amber. 
  • Rub the assumed piece of amber against the arm of your sweater and hold it against a speck of hair. If it is drawn towards it, it is amber. 
  • Place what you think is amber in a glass of water with two spoons of salt and stir. If it is amber, it will float to the surface. 
  • And finally – amber is softer than stone, and it feels warmer when you squeeze it or hold it against your cheek.

Use amber as an ornament

Amber is actually just an old lump of resin – approximately 30-50 million years old. But it is a fascinating old lump, where you will often see a small insect or animal which has been caught in the resin those millions of years ago.

Amber has always been desired, and since the beginning of time, people have made among other things jewellery and utility products from it.

Different places in North Jutland you can experience amber polishers who form, clean and polish the raw pieces into beautiful shiny pieces of amber, and jewellery artists who produce the loveliest things often in combination with silver, gold or precious stones. So take care of your findings, maybe you can use it for jewellery.

Amber museums and open workshops

There are several amber museums in North Jutland, where you can se amazing findings and pretty, prepared pieces of amber. Also many amber polishers and workshops are open for visitors. The local tourist office can tell you where in your holiday area, you can find them.

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