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Nature camps

If you are prepared to do without modern conveniences while on holiday, nature camps and shelters welcome you all over North Jutland. Enjoy nature and nights under the open sky in shelters in the woods or on farms, on schools and in many other interesting places. Approx. 1/3 of them are called “shelters” and here you do not need tents, since you are sheltered from weather and wind. Most places have a campfire and access to toilet and water nearby.

An overnight stay costs max. DKK 25.00 per person and some places are even free. These sites are for people on foot, bikes, horseback or travelling by various means on water. People travelling “by motorpower” such as cars, caravans, mobile homes, motor cycles or mopeds are not allowed. 

Island-camps are also very popular with Danish families. The camps are mostly situated on small islands, some of which are even without roads or traffic. You stay in tents, cook in groups and enjoy the meals together around an open fire. There are several activities at each camp and usually with a pre-arranged theme. It can be everything from canoeing in kayaks, music and dance or relaxing in a cosy atmosphere to different types of “self-development”. 

The prices are very reasonable and you can book via

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