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It is tempting to park your mobile home in the dunes along the Danish coasts or at some other scenic spot, but it's not as simple as that in Denmark, because in this country we distinguish between putting up for the night and camping.

You are allowed to rest at a pull-up in your car or mobile home for obvious safety reasons if you are tired after a long drive. Several pull-ups also have facilities for the emptying of water and toilet tanks of mobile homes.

Car park areas can also be used when you are in need of a rest, provided the local police regulations warrant it. If not allowed, it will be posted at the car park.

However, in neither cases are you allowed to actually camp: you cannot bring out table and chairs, air the towels or cook in the open.

In the cities it is becoming more and more common - at least during the summer months - to establish a temporary parking lot for mobile homes, where you can park your camper while you go sightseeing, and then spend the night there as well. The local tourist office will know of any such place in their area.

Avoid getting into a conflict with the local police regulations or a local landowner, and use one of the many approved and classified camping sites with a warden in charge which you will find all over the country with 2 or more stars (approx. 90% of the sites). According to the official criteria for receiving 2 stars or more, such sites must be equipped with facilities for the emptying of water and toilet tanks of mobile homes. Into the bargain is thrown the fact that many of these sites have a separate area reserved for mobile homes.

Some 200 camping sites offer a QuickStop possibility for mobile homes at a price around DKK 100 (max. 4 persons excl. electricity), provided you arrive after 8 p.m. and leave before 10 a.m. The tourist office will have a list of the participating camping sites.

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