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The Camping Pass

It is tempting to park your mobile home in the dunes along the Danish coasts or at some other scenic spot, but it's not as simple as that in Denmark, since camping is only allowed on approved camping sites.

To get access to the certified Danish camping sites, you will need the Camping Pass called Camping Card Scandinavia. The card is a physical plastic card with name, address, birthday and passport number, if you from outside Scandinavia.

The Camping Pass can be bought on the first camping site you arrive to or at the local tourist offices.

The card is valid in both Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland and covers both singles and couples with children under 18. If you already have a camping pass, you can renew it each year with a new stamp. 

If you only need to stay one night, you can buy a transit pass on the camping sites.

The international camping card

This card can be used within Denmark and in the rest of the world. The card is issued in your home country by an organization, which is a member of one of the international organizations FICC, FIA or AIT.

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