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Cabins at Camping Sites

Cabins have become an increasingly popular aspect of camping accommodation when holidaying in Denmark. The cabins are very much in demand, and it is therefore advisable to book directly with the camping site as early as possible. To be on the safe side it is advisable to inquire when booking whether pots, pans, crockery and cutlery are available. Normally, you have to bring your own bed linen along, but it can be hired at some sites - ask when you book!

Normally, 4 people sleep in bunk beds in a cabin. The sanitary installations of the camping sites are used, and although the cabins often have a kitchenette, water and drains are situated outside the cabin on the site. A list of camping sites with cabins and stationary caravans for hire can be found on the site

The rent of a cabin will start from DKK 2500 during the peak season and from DKK 1500 during low season.

Several camping sites now also have cabins with private bath/toilet. The rent of such a cabin starts at DKK 4500 during peak season and at DKK 2000 during low season.

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