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Camping and caravanning is ideal for holiday-makers who like to go where their impulses take them. Spend a couple of days at a seaside site close to the water, a few days inland near the woods and then move on to a site near an interesting town. North Jutland has it all.

A holiday at one of North Jutland's many registered camping and caravan sites is a holiday where quality, activities and relaxation are all part of the package. Whether you are staying in a tent, a cabin, a camper van or a caravan, the standard of camping sites in North Jutland is without a doubt among the best in Europe.

Are you travelling with children, camping and caravanning is ideal, since the camp will be milling with playmates, and there are endless things to do: football pitches, playgrounds, bouncy castles, crazy golf and sometimes swimming pools. Add to all this, the countless activities that camping sites arrange for the kids. Ranging from competitions, pony rides, kite flying, and football tournaments to guided nature trails - in fact, there is no end to what they come up with to keep the youngsters happy!

Sites in North Jutland are far from the massive "canvas colonies" with just a foot between you and the nearest neighbour and a brisk 3 km hike to the nearest conveniences. In fact, they are just the opposite - spacious havens that are never so big that you will not get to join in with the happy and helpful Danish holiday makers.

You will also be impressed by how clean and tidy the sites are and the spaciousness, and many sites are open all year round, so you need not be held back by the changing of the seasons.

At most camping sites, everything is well organised and the toilet and shower facilities are always excellent. Shopping is easy: the site will either have its own grocery shop or there will be shops just a short distance away.

Security is also well organised. If the site has 3 stars or more, there will be 24-hour security and the site entrance will be closed by a barrier from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Where is camping permitted

In North Jutland, camping is prohibited on streets and roadways, in parks and woods, on beaches and car parks. No matter how you travel - with a tent, a camper van or a caravan - you are only allowed to stay at officially approved sites - but remember, you get a whole lot of fun thrown in with these! All you actually need is a camping pass.

Finding a site

Every one of North Jutland's many approved camping and caravan sites has been classified to indicate that they meet various requirements. They are awarded 1 to 5 stars, 5 stars for deluxe sites and 1 star for more basic ones.

You can look in the reference book “Camping Denmark” where all classified camping sites are listed. The book costs DKK 95/€ 12.70 and is available from camping sites, local tourist offices or book shops.


At many sites, you can rent either a tent or a caravan, but for those who prefer to stay in a "proper" house but still want to have a camping holiday - a cabin will definitely fit the bill! All cabins are classified and there is a cabin to suit all budgets and tastes - from the well appointed to the more spartan, but the cabins are always attractively and comfortably equipped.

Find camping sites in North Jutland here

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