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Biking tour - Exploring the Limfjord - 7 Days

The Limfjord landscape is a paradise for cyclists with fantastic opportunities through a magnificent, varied landscape and where you will meet many nice people along the way.

You will start and end you tour at the Isle of Mors, which is the largest island in the Limfjord. Wherein the local cycling route is called “The Sunshine Route” -even though it's raining. Continue your trip going to the western part of Salling, along Venø Bay, Nissum Bredning, Thyholm and the Southern part of Thy, where history can be felt through the beautiful landscapes along your way. Here you will always be reminded of the time of the "Viking's" through the large collection burial mounds in along spread over the landscapes.

In your trip there will be bicycling to both Venø and Jegindø, så you can experience 3 islands in the Limfjord. There is a ferry going to Venø from Brendal. The island is an "Eldorado" for butterfly lovers.

Jegindø is connected to Thyholm via the dam by Tambohus. At the harbour lies the small museum, "Æ Fywerhus" that tells about the old history of fishing in the island.

Daily Stages 35 - 65 kilometers.


Euro 319,- per person in double bedroom (6 nights in luxury Bed & Breakfast and at Danhostel. 6X breakfast, maps, tour descriptions and brochures).


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Biking tour - Exploring the Limfjord - 7 Days

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Morsø Turistbureau (VisitMors)

367 square kilometres of true holiday experience on the island of Mors. The biggest island in the Limfjord, known for its unique scenery, with many opportunities for active holidays and for delicious fish and shellfish caught by local fishermen. The island's varied nature ranges from the dramatic moler cliffs in the Northern part of Mors showing 55 million years of history to the more peaceful Southern part of Mors, which has rich agricultural areas and big plantations, such as Legind Bjerge. The Limfjord also leaves its mark in the landscape and has impressed locals and visitors, incuding many artists throughout the centuries. Mors has a range of small and bigger harbours around the island. The town of Nykøbing offers many interesting holiday experiences within walking distance. The town with its approx. 9,000 inhabitants is the capital of Mors.
Morsø Turistbureau
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7900 Nykøbing Mors

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