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Beach holiday

When your hours get busy, hectic and far too few, the daydream will take wings to a place where you can disengage yourself from the calendar. Where time is not a matter of seconds and minutes measured out by your watch – but a rhythm determined by body and nature: a morning swim, a beach stroll, lunching on freshly caught plaice, chatting with the fisherman and an unexpected invitation to take afternoon coffee put forward in an unfamiliar language. The trip back to the seaside hotel – against a backdrop of fishing stakes and fishing vessels, the lighthouse in the foreground – is filled with voices and singing in the distance, while waiters busily taking the first courses out to the tables. You have no idea about what time it is, but you know that the air is clean, and you hear the beating of the waves just outside your door. Now, the family has suddenly time to talk about yesterday’s riding trip, the able surfer you tried to imitate, and the glass blower’s shop around the corner. You discuss what you would like to do – not what you have to do, for the vistas provide room for dreaming and renewed energy.

You are staying near one of Denmark’s many coastal towns where there is no need to search out nature experiences – for they will present themselves to you wherever you are: the dominance of the sea, the many moods of the strong winds, the salty air and the perpetually beckoning light. The ever-visible horizon at one and the same time represents harshness and beauty. Here the body in movement is prospering from a life without pedometer or treadmill – down woodland paths, between dunes, or a fishing rod or kite string in your hand.

Here, you also experience how the locals live from and with nature when, by chance, you come upon a market where spices, freshly caught fish and delicious cheeses are for sale. In the galleries on the main street you can see the sea being bent and drawn in colored glass, in silver jewelry and on canvas, or you show your children how a professional amber polisher works. You had not planned to go for that walk, buy that painting or climb that tree – you simply just felt like it.

For holidaying at the Danish coast does not encourage the ticking off of innumerable lists. On the contrary, it is holidaying where lists are binned and replaced by exploration. You will find the soul of this very town – whether you find it in the colors of a Skagen painting, in the rows of Løkken’s white beach huts or in the crest of the tallest Klitmøller wave. Every single coastal town has a character of its own and an intimate atmosphere, but they all share a desire to live side by side with nature, disregarding the second hand of the watch or the calendar in favor of freedom and all the time in the world.

This video will give you a glimpse of North Jutland’s most fabulous beaches:

Seaside towns and beaches on the west coast 

Life along the North Jutland west coast is equal to a life in peace and quiet. As though you were all alone in the whole wide world. Here, the skies are high and your closest neighbor is often a good distance away. On the other hand, if you prefer partying, colorful surroundings and lots of people around you, this is also a possibility – the west coast has it all!

Seaside towns and beaches on the east coast

The east coast is bursting with seaside towns with lively harbours and many child-friendly beaches. The hinterland comprises large moorlands, hilly landscapes and plantations. Here, you find peace and quiet, you will be a long way from the nearest neighbor – but, at the same time, there is also cheerfulness and gaiety, lots of people and an exciting culture and night life.

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Water activities

Northern Jutland is surrounded by water and wherever you holiday in Northern Jutland you are never far from the wet stuff.