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Bed & Breakfasts / Private accommodation

Primitive camp sites set in the wonderful nature, backpack hotels, home exchange, island camps and much more. It does not have to be expensive to spend your holiday in North Jutland. Quite the opposite - it is possible to find quality overnight accommodation and have great experiences at very reasonable rates.
There are lots of things to enjoy without having to pay for it. Many cultural experiences like “free days” at museums, outdoor films under the open sky and many free concerts and other musical events.

Holiday in a strawberry field

Earn money by picking strawberries in the morning and enjoying life in the afternoon. Denmark is a farming country and EU citizens are allowed seasonal work. When the strawberries are ripe, young people from all over EU come to Denmark to pick the berries. They stay in tents on the farms and it is a unique opportunity to meet other young people. When the strawberry season is over there may be more work on the farm or at other farms throughout the country.

EU citizens can work in Denmark for 3 months without a residents permit, but we do advice that you look for jobs before leaving home to be sure that all formalities are in order.

Home exchange

Move into a family home somewhere in North Jutland while another family moves into your home. Home exchange is a popular and economic way to spend a holiday – you simply do not pay for overnight accommodation.

You, of course, look after each others home with consideration and care, like watering the plants, feeding pets, mowing the lawn, etc. This way, you get close to another society and another way of living. You shop locally and perhaps meet the neighbours and before the holiday begins, you have through correspondence and telephone conversations got to know the family with whom you exchange home, ensuring that both parties are prepared. Home exchange exists in more than 50 countries.

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Farm holiday

There are two ways to enjoy farm life: one is to have a guest room in a farmhouse, join the host for meals and be a part of the family. These are farm holidays, and you have a choice of accommodation with breakfast or half board. An alternative is a self-catering arrangement where you rent either a separate cottage or flat on the farm. These are self-catering country holidays.

A farm holiday arrangement can include breakfast or half board (breakfast and supper). Packed lunch or lunch can be ordered at some of the farms at reasonable prices. If you have any special requests such as a farm with animals, playmates for the children, facilities for angling, etc., further details can be obtained for each individual farm. 

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