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The North Sea Oceanarium

At the biggest aquarium in Northern Europe, the North Sea Oceanarium, you can experience more than 7,000 fish and other sea creatures in 75 aquariums, containing a total of 6 million litres of water - worth a visit in all seasons!

The North Sea Oceanarium is one of the greatest attractions in Northern Jutland, offering fun and educational activities year-round. For over 35 years, they have enlightened people about the life above and below the waves of the North Sea.

At the North Sea Oceanarium you can experience Northern Europe’s single largest aquarium tank. Embark on an amazing adventure beneath the surface of the ocean and explore more than 7,000 fish and other sea creatures, divided in 75 aquariums. You are guaranteed an entire day’s worth of fun by inspecting the 10,000 square meter aquarium and exploring the 5,000 square meters of outdoor area. The 4.5 million litre seawater aquarium tank is a unique experience in itself as thousands of fish and sea creatures swim by you. Here, a diver jumps into the water several times a day and feeds the fish by hand, while a speaker guides you through the experience and tells you about the aquarium and its habitants.

Play and learn

The oceanarium offers several fun and educational experiences - indoors as well as outdoors. Let your kids run around the outdoor area with two unique, challenging playgrounds, one of them being Denmark’s largest whale-inspired playground, giving the kids the opportunity to climb, slide and soar. You can also join the Amber Hunt, catch crabs with your bare hands or experience the forces of nature at “Ship o’Hoy”.

What’s the deal with the jellyfish?

Join the journey through the food chain of the North Sea and learn about everything from small plankton to large sharks. The new two-story-tall tanks let you experience jellyfish in a completely new way as you can watch their beauty unfold and understand their special place in the food chain.

100 m2 interactive screen 

Reach the bottom of the ocean wit the big ocean window, the largest interactive screen in Denmark. Go on an interactive underwater-journey and see colourful fish, dangerous sharks and enormous whales swim right by you – you get to decide what happens!

Focusing on fish and their health benefits 

The North Sea Oceanarium is part of the new research and educational project, FiSK, that aims to convey the health benefits of eating fish regularly in an innovative way that engages children and their parents. At the oceanarium, you are invited to learn about fish and health through play in an interactive, digital kitchen, where you can contribute to the research by sharing your own fish-eating habits.

Get closer to the giants of the ocean 

At The Whale Researcher’s Hut you get to learn about the exciting work of a whale researcher and get a peak into the life of the entrancing underwater giants. Visit the hut to learn how researchers locate and study these large, but gentle, creatures.
You also have the possibility to get up close to a real, giant 17.4 meter fin whale skeleton; the world's second largest animal. It is a one of a kind experience for all.

Get close to playful predators 

In the 800,000 litre outdoor pool, you meet Denmark’s largest predator, the grey seal, and its smaller cousin, the harbour seal. Seals are fast and elegant swimmers, and you have the chance to study their movements through the 12-meter-long underwater tunnels in their aquarium. However, seals are very curious animals so be prepared to be studied yourself when you go to visit them. You can also get a front-row seat for the feeding of the adorable seals or perhaps just lay down in the sand at the beach nearby, and enjoy the sunshine.

Taste the North Sea and create memories 

The theme of showing the character of the North Sea is very consistent at the North Sea Oceanarium. This is also seen in the restaurant and café, where you can choose from a selection of tasty, seasonal fish and seafood dishes (psst, all of the ingredients are hearty, all natural and consist of freshly caught fish). Of course, you can also bring your own lunch and enjoy it at the picnic areas.

Bring back a memory from the Oceanarium by finding little gift items, books and much more in the gift shop Pakhuset.



Willemoesvej 2

9850 Hirtshals

Tlf no. +45 98 94 44 44

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