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Fårup Sommerland

Fårup Sommerland

Not far from Blokhus and Løkken beach, only 30 minutes away form Aalborg, and yet, in the midst of woodlands, you find the amusement park Fårup Sommerland. Fårup is one of Denmark’s biggest tourist attractions, and the park is full of wild, funny and insane activities as well as attractions for the whole family. You will find everything from wild roller coasters and children's friendly activities to Denmark’s biggest and wettest aquapark. There are more than 60 different rides - and when the entry fee has been paid, you have free access to all of the attractions and the aquapark.

Denmark’s largest aquapark

Fårup Sommerland houses Denmark’s largest, heated Aquapark, where the entire family can splash around and stay warm in the wild waves of e.g. the Wave Basin (psst, it is 27 degrees). You can zip down the wire of Surf Hill or float in huge bath rings in the Water Hose. You can also try the Water Connon, which is the world’s first outdoor water slide with a free fall and two loops. In the Water Cannon, your journey begins high up in the air in a small cubicle, and soon after, the floor underneath your feet disappears, and off you go; sliding down a closed chute in a free fall, to continue at breakneck speed through two loops, and finally, you land in a gigantic splash!

When the water splashing is over and your hair has dried, you can pleasure your senses in the 4D cinema or take a break in the shade of the tall trees. When you become hungry, you can go to one of the big grill areas where a red-hot grill is ready for you - free of charge. And if you have not brought your own food, one of Fårup's many restaurants will be waiting for you - go for a delicious buffet or sit down in one of the cozy cafés. And do not worry, if you have an appreciation for organic ingredients, you can try their 100% organic restaurant.


Speed, excitement and fun for both big and small

Fårup lies in a big forest and offers experiences for the whole family. The younger family members can e.g. go for a ride in Den Røde Baron where they become little pilots, steering their own airplanes. Another children’s favorite in Fårup is Egerntårnet, where you are lifted up to the top of the trees, and hurtle to the ground in free fall.

The older speed devils are not cheated of action. Orcanen - the only slide in Scandinavia running both over and UNDER water! It is also possible to try Denmark’s wildest accelerator, the slide Lynet, which accelerates from 0 to 80 km/h in just two seconds. Or how about a trip in Falken, Denmark’s fastest wooden slide? A trip in Hvirvelvinden also takes brave guests on a neck cracking slalom-trip, where you go up to 19 meters height and down again, and at the same time, you are spun around in circles. Fårup Sommerland can therefore be an advanturous trip for speed devils with some of the wildest roller coasters you will ever find!

Despite the many crazy rides, Fårup Sommerland is much more than just fun slides. You have the possibility to take a calm horse ride, float in a canoe, jump on bouncy castles or numerous trampolines, play a game of mini golf or take the kids for a trip on the giant playground. But above all, Fårup Sommerland is a great place to create new memories in an adventure-filled, atmospheric setting, out in the beautiful forest. If you are interested in getting a more in-depth overview, take a peak at their amusements here.

Live in the middle of Denmark’s forest of fun

Who does not dream of waking up in the middle of an amusement park with a fantastic view of the lake, Orkanen and Falken - ready for delightful experiences? Fårup Sommerland’s own hotel - Hotel Fårup - is a 4-star family hotel with a true forest theme that provides comfort, fun and relaxation for all. If you do not stay at the hotel you are still more than welcome to stop by and experience the comfortable atmosphere, and enjoy a tasteful dish at the restaurant while taking in the view of other guests screaming with delight.


Fårup is a world-class amusement park

In both 2015, 2016 and 2017 Fårup was named the second-best amusement park in Europe. In 2015, Fårup’s staff also received an international prize for providing the world’s third best service. In addition, in both 2012 and 2013, Fårup was named the best amusement park in Scandinavia - and in 2010, 2011 and 2012, Fårup was named the world’s third best family park by the American magazine Amusement Today.


Pirupvejen 147
9492 Blokhus

Tlf. no. +45 98 88 16 00

Look up Fårup Sommerland's opening hours and prices here

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