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Attractions in North Jutland

North Jutland offers a wide variety of experiences and attractions, such as theme parks, a wonderful zoo and beautiful nature everywhere you look - and it is all for both adults and children. Here are the highlights of what North Jutland has to offer.

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Fårup Sommerland

Not far from Blokhus and Løkken beach, only 30 minutes away form Aalborg, and yet in the midst of woodlands, you find the amusement park, Fårup Sommerland. 

Aalborg Zoo

At Aalborg Zoo, you can meet 12 out of the 13 most popular zoo animals and this is the only place in Denmark where you can experience the African elephant, the orangutan from Borneo and the Asian lion.

Jesperhus Feriepark

Take the kids to Jesperhus Feriepark holiday-resort on the island of Mors. Here, the flower park, the Danish animation-film character, Jungledyret Hugo (Hugo the Jungle Animal), a children’s zoo and countless other adventures await you.

Bulbjerg Bird Cliff - The Shoulder of Jutland

Bulbjerg is constantly exposed to corrosion by the violent waves of the North Sea, which engulfs large pieces of lime stone and spreads it out into pieces on the shores next to Bulbjerg.

Skagens Gren set fra luften

Grenen in Skagen

Denmark’s northernmost point, Grenen, hosts a unique natural phenomenon. Here, two seas meet, namely the Skagerrak and the Kattegat.

Art & Culture picture

Art & Culture

Northern Jutland offers so many cultural experiences that is it impossible to mention them all here. And a holiday in North Jutland with art and culture need not be an alternative saved for "a rainy day".

Castles and Manor houses

Castles and manor houses have to be seen and experienced first hand. Why not pay them a visit?

Viking sites in North Jutland

In North Jutland, you will find many interesting Viking sites carefully preserved to give you an authentic experience of what life was like in the Viking Age.