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Walking and Hiking in North Jutland

The nature of North Jutland is amazing and perfect for hiking! The beautiful coastlines, hills and forests offer a unique natureexperience.

National Park Thy

Thy National Park is the oldest national park in Denmark and is filled with exciting areas and hiking routes. You can go for a hike in the forests, hills and dunes. Theere are routes for both beginners and the ´more experienced hikers, who want to experience Denmark's last wilderness. Read more about National Park Thy here

Panoramic Route in Bramslev Bakker

In 2017 the panoramic route between Hobro and Bramslev Bakker was opened. The route is certified as a Premium Hiking Route. For certification, the Deutsches Wanderinstitut, which has established Europe's most widely used - and most strict - quality system for hiking routes. Only the best routes have the opportunity to pass the inspection. Read more about the Panorama Route in Bramslev Bakker here

Hiking Trail in Tranum-Fosdal

In 2018 the hiking route Tranum-Fosdal was opened. Vandreruten is located at Denmark's longest inland dune called Lien. Read more about the Tranum-Fosdal trail here

Hiking is the new black

Hiking equals freedom. You decide your pace, length, where and when. It can act as immersion and calm without everyday stress and I, or as a challenge to physics and to feel its one with nature. Also for the children, a hike can be exciting and allow for a lot of wonderful play. Feel free to enjoy the trip with bonfires and snobs and a small storytelling at one of the many campsites. See also the many shelters in North Jutland and the North Jutland youth hostel.

Get an overview of North Jutland's many hiking opportunities here:

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Nature in North Jutland

The nature is a wonderful place to spend time year round, and there is almost an unlimited number of experiences out there. It is easy to explore and most of it is accessible to everybody.

The history of North Jutland picture

The history of North Jutland

The Vikings, who dominated Scandinavia from the 700s until 1042, were the forebears of the robust, hard-working, seafaring nation of Denmark.