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Treasure hunting with geocaching in North Jutland

Geocaching is the perfect recreational pastime for families wanting to combine fresh air with active experience and a modicum of sweating. A geocaching trip with you family may very well turn into a nice picnic with the added dimension of finding or hiding a treasure in the woodlands. The North Jutland nature provides an eminent backdrop to be enjoyed while you challenge your inner compass and sense of orientation by finding the treasure (the cache) as pointed out via your smartphone or GPS.

Geocaching – What does it mean?

Go geocaching with the entire family. For geocaching in North Jutland is a game where, using your mobile or GPS, you will be sent on an exciting trip of the region in order to find hidden treasures. As a rule, the treasure consists of a small watertight plastic container holding a pencil and a small notebook. The treasure hunter uses the notebook to state that the treasure has been found, on which date, the number of participants and, perhaps, the names of the participants. Also, the finder may put down a few words about how difficult it was to find the treasure. You then re-pack the treasure – perhaps adding a new little thing – and put it back where you found it.

What will you need?

Geocaching Iphone appObviously, either a smartphone or a GPS will be essential. Smartphone owners can download apps for iPhone, Android and Windows. Handheld GPS devices are available with and without built-in maps and various other features. In addition to your GPS, it may be a good idea to bring the following:

• Extra batteries
• A notebook and pencil
• A torch
• A knife
•Protective gloves
• A compass

How to proceed?

Traditionally, geocaching takes its point of departure on the internet. The most commonly used website for picking out a cache location is However, could also provide a good point of departure. From these sites, you locate caches within the area which you would like to explore. You will then receive a list of caches together with their geographical position. Most caches moreover provide hints as to where it can be found. You then transfer such information to your GPS; and then you are all set to go out into the nature and the fresh air and find the route to the treasure. Also see the map below with all the caches in North Jutland.

Kort over geocaches i Nordjylland

There are also other kinds of caches. For instance – if you wish to be even more challenged – multi-caches will comprise more stops before leading you to the final cache. Geocaching is also used as a guide to nature caches, where the location in itself constitutes the treasure. Another possibility is to apply geocaching in connection with the presentation of the history of a geographical area.

The treasure hunt completed, you once again access the internet in order to log your find on the page of coordinates.

Make your own cache

It is also great fun to hide a cache of your own. Find a suitable spot – either because of its fabulous scenery or because it is of historical interest or otherwise exciting. Make sure that your cache will constitute a good experience for future treasure hunters. If you visit Geowiki, you will find excellent instructions pertaining to registration procedures and rules for the hiding of treasures.

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