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Shopping malls and shops in North Jutland

North Jutland is rich on opportunities for shopping, be this for arts and crafts or fashion wear – or if you just feel like a relaxing shopping trip, browsing the many shops. Here, we have focused on towns with shopping centers and/or pedestrian precincts where you will find a wealth of shops.

North Jutland boasts specialty shops, convenience stores and department stores. But naturally, practically every North Jutland town – small as it may be - has a main street with shopping facilities. The map provides an overview of the various large shopping centers and pedestrian precincts to be found in North Jutland. The large shopping centers represent a fine opportunity for doing all one’s shopping in one place, whereas the North Jutland pedestrian precincts represent a fine opportunity for combining shopping with a relaxing walk through the town and, perhaps, also meet a few locals.


Aalborg is a perfect shopping town – whatever might tempt you. Aalborg abounds with shops – in central Aalborg, as in the outskirts of the town.

City Syd and Aalborg Storcenter in Aalborg

City Syd in Aalborg is a major shopping area representing a strong shopping alliance between more than 100 shops, divided between the mall Aalborg Storcenter, Shoppen Aalborg (a relatively small shopping centre), Bilka Skalborg and IKEA plus other major shops. If you arrive by car, most shops are visible from Hobrovej. Here there are shopping opportunities galore, and – of course – you can also buy your daily groceries and, if you feel peckish, you can have a bite to eat. City Syd has it all.

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The pedestrian precincts of Aalborg

Aalborg boasts three pedestrian precincts: Algade, Bispensgade and Gravensgade, located in close vicinity to each other. Together, they sate any craving for shopping. Here, you can stroll through the streets and enjoy the bustling life of the town, while window-shopping in some of North Jutland’s most charming pedestrian precincts.

Salling Aalborg

Salling is a major department store – with a sister store in Denmark’s second-largest town, Århus. Occupying three storeys, Salling in Aalborg boasts a variety of overlapping departments. On the lower storey, you find Salling Super where you can buy your daily groceries. The two other storeys e.g. house a café, a bistro, a baker’s, a wide selection of women’s and men’s fashion wear, interior decoration and cosmetics.

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Friis Aalborg Citycenter

Friis Citycenter is right at the heart of central Aalborg. So, are your legs beginning to let you down and all you really need is everything under one roof, then Friis Citycenter is right up your alley. The center has more than 30 shops under the same roof, and here you find several known names and brands – within women’s and men’s fashion, in particular.

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Metropol Shoppingcenter in Hjørring

The two-storey Metropol ShoppingCenter, located in Hjørring, houses 37 shops and restaurants, cafés, etc. Awarded the prize of Denmark’s best shopping center in 2013, this centre comprises opportunities for shopping groceries as well as fashion wear, arts and craft, etc. The first floor being home to a fitness centre and the Hjørring Municipality libraries, the center caters for every need.

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Hjørring’s pedestrian precinct

Hjørring’s pedestrian precinct, primarily limited to Østergade, provides an exciting introduction to the charming atmosphere of urban life in Hjørring, represented by the side-by-side coexistence of shops and restaurants.



Sankt Laurentii Vej, Skagen’s charming pedestrian precinct, takes you right through the heart of the town; and – strolling down the street – you will be surrounded by wonderful small shops, cafés and restaurants. A fabulous way to explore the town.


The busy port town, Frederikshavn, boasts a pedestrian street of no less than 2 km in length, Denmark’s longest, as a matter of fact. Linking Danmarksgade and Søndergade, the pedestrian precinct takes you straight through the town, and the many shops lining both sides of the street provides ample shopping opportunities.



This charming commercial centre – the town of Thisted – provides a wealth of exciting shops and a charming dining scene. Counting more than 100 shops, Thisted’s pedestrian precinct branches out from the heart of the town, Store Torv, and flows into the recently renovated harbor front.



Once a hub of Viking life, Hobro is nowadays a wonderful shopping town. Hobro has excellent parking facilities, and the pedestrian precinct of Adelgade represents fabulous shopping opportunities – both with respect to everyday commodities and as regards specialty shops.

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Practically taking its point of departure by the hustle and bustle of the harbor front, the town’s pedestrian precinct, Nørregade, leads deeper into the heart of charming Hirtshals.


Nykøbing Mors

The pedestrian precinct of Nykøbing Mors is in close proximity to the harbor front. So, having shopped to your heart’s content in Algade, you can take a relaxing stroll by the harbor.

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