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All along the North Jutland shore line, there is rich opportunity for exploring unique moorland habitats and dune plantations, teeming with rich wildlife. So, off you go – hiking or biking, or you could take to the waterways.

Denmark’s first national park

Wind-swept vistas and a stunning quiet. Due to its comprehensive scope, visitors to Thy National Park will get both: Embracing everything from foam-crested waves to dry dune plantations and clear lakes – from Hanstholm in the north to Agger Tange in the south – the area provides kilometre upon kilometre of fine experiences. Each individual area of the park has something quite unique to offer. Both wonder and amazement await you from the animal and plant life you meet on your way. Also, the area is more than just nature, for – being shaped by centuries of sand drift – the harsh west-coast landscape represents an absolutely unique cultural history. One can easily spend several hours in this fabulous area, and therefore the sensible thing to do is to get out the extra large lunchbox and enjoy a day where time is not of the essence.

Experience park for the entire family!

The child-friendly domestic animals of the Family Farm Fun Park bid you welcome. Also, the park provides a wealth of experiences and activities in a wonderful nature setting. Here, you can witness a rally held by small dogs, Chihuahuas; you can also participate in bunny hopping competitions; meet the lake monster, Lyngby Søuhyre; go pony riding; join a tractor-wagon tour, go water-biking; play football golf; and much more. Family Farm Fun Park in Vittrup near Løkken is a true experience park – for the entire family!

Let’s take to the bikes

- and get going. Even though you may not be the greatest fan of biking, you really should not let yourself be cheated out of a good tread on the pedals when holidaying in North Jutland. You’ll find no Alpe-d’Huez-like rise here and, hence, even the smallest family members can participate. A bike trip could for instance take you along shores, through farmland and further into shady woodland. There are various routes to choose from: the west-coast route, the Limfjord route or the Vendsyssel route. Should you fancy being a part of something greater, you might take a small bite of the North Sea Cycle Route. Spanning close to 6,000 km, this sign-posted route goes along the shores of as many as 7 countries bordering the North Sea!

Seals on the beach

Surrounded by a shoreline of a staggering number of kilometres, North Jutland provides fine chances of seal spotting. Frequently, you may have the luck to see them coming onto the beach. Please respect that they are wild animals and remember that they are not for stroking! Instead you can enjoy the sight of seals swimming the waves. Throughout the summer, the cutter, Seadog, has daily departures from Sæby. Jump aboard and get real close to the seals, meeting them in their natural habitat. At the same time, this trip provides an opportunity for fishing. If you have not brought your own fishing tackle, you can either rent or borrow this while aboard. This wonderful four-hour trip provides you with an opportunity to experience the North Jutland coast from the sea, and who knows – you may even capture the beautiful sight of the sun setting over Kattegat.

Through binoculars and earpiece

Vejlerne, 6,000 hectares of wild fowl reserve on the border between the region of Thy and Hanherred, is the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. Here, the greylag goose is domiciled, represented by 1,500 pairs of breeding birds. Further, the presence of no less than 300 different bird species means exceptional wild-life experiences. This status quo has to be preserved and, hence, there is not public access to Vejlerne. This, however, does not make the place less interesting. On the contrary: Here, you can go on safari in the true sense of the word. You can go into hiding in bird hides or lookout towers and see who captures most birds through the binoculars. Make a call from your mobile and let yourself be guided by precise directions based on you specific location.

Set out on an oceanic expedition – as an evening trip, perhaps

If you have spent hours on the beach, basking in the sun, a boating late in the day is the obvious thing to do. So, jump aboard the museum cutter, Museumskutteren Hansa. Built in 1924 on the Nipper brothers’ shipyard in Skagen, she is a bit advanced in years. She casts off from Skagen and, taking to sea, you will hear stories about the harbor and the history of the fishing industry. And, in addition, it is nice to return from you holiday and be able to say that you experienced both Skagen and Grenen as seen from the sea.

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