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Golf in North Jutland

No golfer will be disappointed by the North Jutland golf links and courses. From north to south and east to west, North Jutland is rich on challenging golf courses, all providing the golden opportunity of combining physical activity, mental charging and a spirit of community.

Do not be unnerved by the many opportunities, however. The many North Jutland golf courses are so close that you can easily try out several in the course of your holiday.

Get an overview of the North Jutland golf courses

Not only the varied nature of the North Jutland golf courses contributes to putting them into a class of their own – for the weather conditions in North Jutland may, in fact, add an extra dimension to the game. At several of the North Jutland golf courses, a round of golf in certain wind conditions may, indeed, put your skills to the test, as the weather is practically comparable to the conditions of windy Scotland.

Due to the wealth of exciting culinary experiences of the North Jutland food scene, the region could very well contribute to take your golf and holiday experience to the level of sheer epicureanism. That this is not just empty talk is substantiated by the North Jutland press photographer, Jens Morten. The combination of the region’s unique golf and food experiences, as seen through his camera lens, has resulted in the book “GourmetGolf”. In pictures and text (Danish only), the book describes his culinary and natural experiences from visiting North Jutland’s best restaurants and golf courses.

North Jutland also provides a wealth of opportunities for beginners of this noble game, even though you are not a member of any club. There are individual Pay and Play courses; just as a number of golf clubs have specifically allocated Pay and Play courses facilitating play against the payment of a fee.

The website provides an overview with descriptions of available North Jutland Pay and Play courses.

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