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Cycling and mountain biking

Cycling and mountain biking in North Jutland

In North Jutland, it is possible to reach even the remotest corners of the area by bicycle because of a fine-meshed network of signposted cycle routes that cover North Jutland. A bicycle is perhaps the ideal way of getting around Denmark, and the Danes themselves are a nation of cyclists. Riding a bike provides gentle exercise and all the fresh air and fragrant breezes that most of us miss in everyday life.

In no time, you will be riding along scenic trails where there is no access for motorized vehicles. Moreover, Denmark's provision for cyclists ranks among the best in Europe.

If you like challenges and excitement and you want to experience the nature of Northern Jutland,  mountain biking is also an ideal option.

Signposting and bike trails

In Denmark there are strict requirements as to the signposting of cycle routes. National, regional and local routes are now marked in a way that makes it easy to distinguish the routes from one another. Cycling on paths and roads in the Danish woodland is usually permitted, but in order to protect the woodland and any archaeological remains cycling on the forest floor, on sharp slopes or dry stone walls is generally off limits.

The Danish Forest and Nature Agency have prepared a special mountain bike track in Rold Forest where mountain bikers can enjoy themselves without disturbing others or damaging their surroundings.

A map of all the bike trails in North Jutland is available at your local tourist office in both English and German.

National route signs
The national routes are signposted with route numbers from 1-10 with white numbers on a red square.

Regional route signs
The regional route signs look like the national ones – only the numbers (16-99) are white on a blue background.

Local route signs
The local route signs look like the regional ones – only the route numbers are 100-999.

Recommended routes

  1. The West Coast Route - 160 km from Bulbjerg to Skagen
    Cycling route, but on many stretches viable as a hiking route.
  2. The Himmerland Trail - 69 km
    Cycling, hiking and riding trail through the wonderful Vesthimmerland scenery.
  3. Round-trip trail in the Municipality of Hirtshals - 125 km
    The trail consists of 6 stages of between 10 and 32 km. 
  4. Jyske Ås (Jutland River's) - 30 km from Østre Vrå to Dronninglund
    Hiking/cycling route. Part of the northern "Hærvej" (old military/trading road) route.
  5. West Coast footpath - 180 km from Bulbjerg to Nymindegab.
    A hiking/cycling route, where you can see the magnificent birds at Bulbjerg.
  6. Nature trail - 55 km from Nibe to Hvalpsund
    For hikers, bicyclers and horse-riders. Follows the disused railway track from Nibe to Havbro. 
  7. Sallingsund-Guide - 22 km
    Various marked trails along gravel lanes.

Read more about the routes and find maps on

Cycling with children

Both infants and young children can be transported safely on a bicycle. For the youngest, a bicycle trailer is a good solution, especially if you want to travel with two children and luggage. The trailer will not be nearly so much at risk of turning over as a heavily loaded bicycle with a child’s seat, and in a covered trailer children will also be sheltered from the wind and rain.

If your child is too big to sit in a trailer, but still cannot pedal long distances, a half-bike or a tandem is a good solution; the child can pedal to its heart's content while the adult takes care of the steering and braking.

Children who are used to cycling on their own can readily be taken on a cycling holiday as soon as they can ride the bicycle safely. With plenty of stops along the way and the right bicycle 30 km will not be beyond the means of an 8-year-old cyclist.

You do need to make sure that the child's bicycle is not too big: partly because it is hard to handle an over-sized bicycle and partly because it results in bad cycling posture with aches and pains to follow. The child’s bicycle must not be loaded with heavy or bulky luggage. A set of small panniers can, however, be carried by children aged 8 and up.

Bike rental

You can rent a bike at a number of places in Denmark. At local tourist offices, some camping sites, youth hostels and cycle shops, bicycles and/or mountain bikes are often available from approx. DKK 25-60 a day or DKK 150-400 a week. Mountain bike rental is typically more expensive. Deposit payment may be required. The bikes will normally be of good quality.

See all bike rentals in North Jutland here

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