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Active holiday

Active holiday

Northern Jutland is as made for active holidays. Here are plenty and clean angling waters, cycle routes, golf courses and lots of magnificent nature for hiking - just to mention some of the many, many possibilities.

There are many different ways to experience and explore North Jutland; you can drive, ride, bike or hike through North Jutland or surf, paddle or swim along the coast.

You will find 1.450 kilometres of coastline along the North Sea, the Kattegat, Limfjorden and Mariagerfjord in addition to numerous rivers and lakes. And if you are interested in surfing, check out Klitmøller - also called Cold Hawaii.

But you will also find plenty of activities on land.

What about a bike ride along the coastline, inland or on the islands of Mors or Læsø, where there are plenty of quiet roads, disused railway lines, bicycle paths and signposted routes? Or a walk in the countryside, for instance in Rold Forest?

Travelling by your own effort offers an added dimension to the trip, allowing you to have a look at the country from a different point of view - maybe from a bicycle saddle. North Jutland has an extensive network of clearly marked biking routes, and the hills are almost never steeper than even the smallest legs can handle them.

North Jutland viewed from a canoe or a kayak gliding along one of the beautiful waterways is an experience of nature and relaxation - a suitable active holiday for the whole family. You can also explore some of the small islands located in the waters surrounding North Jutland, which can be reached by small, cozy ferries.

The possibilities are endless - find your inspiration here.

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