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Beer walk Aalborg

Aalborg Beer Walk

For only DKK 100,  Aalborg Beer Walk will put a beer glass in your hand. And access to six different beers in six different pubs: English stout, Irish lager or Danish pilsner – you decide.

"Oh, that is difficult," Jamal Najmi admits laughing when I ask him which beer he prefers.

The owner of John Bull Pub has been standing behind the bar for 16 years, while hop beverages as different as Dutch Heineken, Styrbord from Nibe Brewery and the strawberry beer Früli have delighted his guests. However, he finally chooses John Bull, which in the lager version is only available at the pub in Aalborg carrying its name.

John Bull is just one of the beers you can taste during the Aalborg Beer Walk: A walk that takes you through Aalborg’s joyous summer life with a glass in your hand, a pub guide and a coupon for six different beers, which you can drink in six different pubs – or you can choose to use more of the coupons in the same place. All of this for just DKK 100.

You decide on your company and the pace, and the six pubs will serve a nice sample – and they are happy to make recommendations, if you cannot decide. Furthermore, you will be part of a competition to win a two-day VIP trip to London for two people, where the pub managers from Aalborg Beer Walk will keep the party going.

Irish Guinness, Leffe and much more

In addition to the John Bull Pub, which has a large selection of Danish as well as foreign beer brands and known as well as unknown whiskies, Aalborg Beer Walk will be passing The Irish House. Here, they obviously serve dark Guinness and many other types of Irish beer, Irish stew with lamb and vegetables as well as Irish coffee made in the traditional way – which happens to include quite a bit of whisky!

But on to the beer: next stop on the Aalborg Beer Walk is the Old Games Pub, which is aimed at a more mature audience. On Thursdays, the pub lends its stage to new as well as old stand-up fun, while Fridays are dedicated to dance-friendly pop and rock, so there is no need for you to get bored with your Leffe or Staropramen in your hand.

However, if you prefer not to be disturbed while chatting, The Wharf, with its soft background music, is the place to be: as Aalborg’s only independent pub, The Wharf has Denmark’s widest selection of draught beer, for example the British Cask Ales poured from specially designed coolers, weissbiers and independent Irish stouts – many of these beers, you cannot get anywhere else in the country.

See how beer is brewed

If you want to gain insight into how your beer is brewed, you can go by the fifth pub on the Aalborg Beer Walk, Søgaards Bryghus. With a Klosterbryg, US Pale Ale or a foamy light yellow Madam Weizen in your hand, you can go in the basement and follow the process in the open fermenters where Søgaard’s own beer is created. In addition to this, the pub is a well-reputed restaurant with for example Sunday brunch, pulled pork and Søgaard’s beer stew on the menu, obviously adapted to the tasty golden beverages.

We will eventually end up at the London Pub, which is a cosy and traditional English pub with 12 different draught beers, 75 different bottled beers and, which may be the most important thing at this time of the year, tables outside. In the charming London Pub, you can even smoke.

Start exploring in the glow of hop beverages by buying a coupon for the Aalborg Beer Walk, either at one of the hotels in town, in the department store Salling or at InfoCenter Aalborg. And if you, like Jamal, have trouble choosing, you can just continue your walk into the night life.

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