Løgstør havnebåd

Heavenly Himmerland

pige står på hænder på stranden i Øster Hurup

Nature, culture and history

Whether you are in the north, south, east or west then you are sure to find something to do in Himmerland. Here you will find a variety of activities and nature experiences. Go cycling, hiking or why not try one of the professional golf courses this region has to offer. Here, in the heart of the region of Himmerland, the sky is vast and there is room for diversity – so if you prefer pensive hiking to the sound of birds; a mountain-bike ride at tearing speeds up and down hills; or, if you are more inclined towards kayaking on the calm waters of Mariager Fjord this is the region to visit. 


The unique nature of Himmerland

The nature in Himmerland is extremely varied. From the fjords on each side, the Limfjord on the west and Mariager Fjord in the east. Between the two fjords, you will find rolling hills created during the ice age, magical forests, coastlines, bogs and much more.

The towns of Himmerland

Himmerland has plenty of it all - the towns around Himmerland are unique and each offers their own authentic and exciting experiences.


Experiences and events in Himmerland