Rubjerg Knude Fyr
Rubjerg Knude Fyr

Fælles Vækst in North Jutland

Fælles Vækst (Shared Growth)

Tourism is increasing globally - the World's economic growth rate was at 3,2% in 2018, while the tourism growth rate was at 3,9%.


In North Jutland things could be better than now, other regions experience larger growth than us. In other words:


North Jutland is losing market shares in a market with significant growth, and that is a problem!

Lille Vildmose i solskin
Lille VIldmose

Fælles Vækst is an initiative to increase tourism in North Jutland so that before 2022 growth is met across industries.

This is to be seen in an increased number of overnight stays, higher turnover and more jobs. The objective of the initiative, which is supported by the 11 municipalities in North Jutland, Region North Jutland and several business organisations, is to achieve a significant growth in the budget for shared tourism marketing. Specifically, the previous budget of 15million DKK is expected to increase to 50 million DKK by 2021.

What does Fælles Vækst mean to the partners?

Among the organisations, already in support of the initiative, there is a shared acknowledgement of the idea that investment in tourism is a good community and business investment, which directly increases turnover, the tax base and jobs. All organisations have acknowledged and are behind the idea of the initiative and that it creates growth at tourism organisations and the following growth for other industries and the region.

There are organisations on different levels who will benefit from the growth. Ferry companies, tourism operators, accommodations, the retail industry and restaurants will expect a direct growth of the increased marketing effort. Suppliers of food and drinks for ferry companies, retail shops, attractions and restaurants will enjoy the following growth.

The businesses and organisations which benefits from the growth in the North Jutland region are e.g. banks, property investors, business organisations, unions and foundations. The increased growth will be part of the possibility of expanding, the creating of more jobs, fewer loses on debitters etc. An investment in tourism is also a good community and business investment, which increases the collective turnover and number of jobs all over the region, in towns and coastal areas.