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Partnership for West Coast Tourism - Start of the Thematic Network

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Start of the Thematic Network - MTB and Surf/Board sports.

Partnership for West Coast Tourism is a network-based and project-oriented organisation.

The goal of the partnership is to be a platform and catalyst which should work to explore further development in already established organisations and collaborations.

One of the focus areas of this is the establishment of a network which is to focus on growth and development, while also create cohesion and local anchoring.

Par med cykler ved Slettestrand

Photo:Niclas Jessen

The Partnership for West Coast Tourism has been working with descriptions of five project-oriented thematic based networks, with the focus on active nature experiences / outdoor-tourism. 

The five thematic networks are MTB, Surf/Boardsports, angling, horseback riding and hiking. The first two networks to be implemented are the MTB network and the Surf/Boardsports network.


Network meetings

The first meeting for the network of MTB-tourism was held at Slettestrand Holiday Center.

Jammerbugt municipality was, along with the Partnership for West Coast Tourism facilitators at the network meeting.

At the meeting, around 30 stakeholders from the industry, municipality, tourism organisations and the Danish Nature Agency took place.

The day offered different speakers with experience within MTB tourism, and during the day subjects was the focal point and the prioritizing of activities. Besides this, Slettestrand Holiday Center showed the attendees the area, where it was possible to see the centers many MTB opportunities.

The second meeting of the MTB network was held a few months later.

The first network meeting for Surf/boardsports was held in Hvide Sande. Here it was Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality as the facilitator together with Partnership for West Coast Tourism.

Contact VisitNordjylland for more information on the Partnership for West Coast Tourism, on;, phone: (+45) 9696 1200

Tre ude at på MTB tur

Photo:Hans Ravn

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