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Project: Coastal towns in growth – An innovation of Danish coastal tourism

Photo: Mette Johnsen

From 2012 to 2014, VisitNordjylland accomplished, in collaboration with several central organisation, the project "Developing place-bound tourism concepts of Danish holiday coastal towns", where the focus was to create better growth opportunities for the tourism in the coastal areas.

The purpose was to rebrand the classical beach holiday so that it became a more attractive product, which in turn, could attract national and international visitors.

Project description:

Coastal tourism in Denmark is rooted in proud traditions, but the past years it has been challenged by external factors such as increased competition, globalisation and economic crisis, and local challenges such as declining quality, weakened profile and missing a force of cohesion.

On the other hand, coastal tourism holds some unique places that cannot be relocated or copied and as long as work is done to increase the quality, strengthen the cohesion and rebrand the tales of the classical beach holiday, then there is a possibility for the development of the coastal holiday tourism.

In the project there needs to be work done on concept development, competency development, market development and physical planning. Work should be done in local networks with the tourism industry, municipality, local inhabitants and other organisations, who should collaborate to strengthen the tourism product, create shared values and a shared story and finally strengthen the physical space of the town.

Work should be done within four scenarios, “the urban coastal holiday town”, “the classical beach town”, “the international beach town”, and “the child-friendly coastal holiday town”, and through an interdisciplinary effort on the market development a force of cohesion is created between coastal holiday towns all over the country.

The project should create growth for the tourism businesses, the coastal towns and it should create a strong national story of the Danish coastal and beach holiday.

The project is to be done in collaboration with VisitNordsjælland, Guldborgsund Municipality and VisitKerteminde. In North Jutland, the project will be centred around the coastal holiday towns of Blokhus, Løkken, Skagen, Hals, Øster Hurup and Klitmøller.

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