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MTB-projects in North Jutland

The interest in active holidays is growing fast. Because of that, it is more important now than ever to generate attention to North Jutland as a mountain biking destination.

Mountain bike (MTB) Tourism

One of the outdoor tourism projects, with potential on most market segments, is mountain bike tourism. The regular family gets an alternative to sightseeing as they get to see nature pass by on two wheels. Men can challenge and compete with each other on the marked trails in a terrain created for male bonding and action. The organised sports practitioners can enter competitions in different disciplines, from "Down-Hill" to "Cross-Country". The locals help develop and keep the trails so there is a better MTB experience for all. These are just some of the approaches to the MTB product.

Rebild and Slettestrand

In North Jutland, we have two very special MTB destinations, Rebild and Slettestrand. Through the years these two have worked on the development of MTB in North Jutland. In Skagen, we also found a rising interest in MTB tourism. VisitNordjylland has, with the financial support of EU's regional fund, produced the following articles on MTB tourism in North Jutland.

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