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Incoming North Denmark

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The global travel market is changing, one of the more noticeable tendencies is the growth in and demand for shorter holidays and guests demand ‘convenience’. Furthermore, it is not the distance, but the time spent travelling which is a central determinant in the choice of destination.

On the 'short holiday' market, the trips are often offered by ‘incoming’ travel agencies, which have specialised in the planning of all the trip's features on the destination. Incoming travel agencies are technical organisers or distributors for foreign travel agencies, who have sales channels and market knowledge in/on the market in question, and they sell the trip to groups of travellers and individual travellers.

Aalborg Airport has over the past years developed an attractive route system via large airline operators, which has made North Jutland easily accessible as a holiday destination for the short-term travels in Europe. Today the planes are primarily full of Danes which travel abroad, but it could be interesting, for North Jutland, to turn this traffic around so that more foreigners travel to North Jutland for their holiday.

Concerning the above tendencies in the travel market, there is a need for North Jutland to utilise its qualities and organise other travel offers, which have the attractiveness of the growing market of short holidays. Holidays, where the trip is planned for the guests, and the guest does not need to spend time on planning the trip.

To utilize the increased accessibility, via Aalborg Airport, to North Jutland for short trips, this project must identify the possibilities for the establishment of an ‘incoming’ function in the tourism in North Jutland. The project is to be, via knowledge sharing, visibility and image marketing, create a basis for developing the business area, thus making the tourism of North Jutland capable of working with this type of tourism, and so that it can accommodate the demands for the product composition and handling.

The project is executed in collaboration with Business Region North Denmark and Aalborg Lufthavn

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