Kornmark i solskin i Vesthimmerland

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VisitNordjylland is the regional destination marketing and development organisation for North Jutland, in Denmark.

In collaboration with the local tourism industry, we produce marketing material and activities in Denmark and abroad. We have the knowledge to accommodate the market of different communications and marketing channels. Our efforts are financed by development funds from 'Vækstforum North Jutland, Business region North and co-financing from the tourism industry.

VisitNordjylland is the shared tourism marketing organisation in North Jutland, which in collaboration with the tourism industry, local tourism organisations, VisitDenmark and 'Dansk Kyst- og Naturturisme', has to plan and accomplish marketing campings for North Jutland, domestic and abroad.

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At VisitNordjylland our primary goal is to manage the combined marketing and communication effort for tourism in North Jutland.

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